Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday: The Silver Linings!

Hello everyone!

I think I've missed two weeks of my Thankful Thursday posts, and it's not that I didn't have reasons to be thankful for, quite contrary, since I was spending time with the bf and that's not as common as I'd want!

For today's Thankful Thursday I wanna say thank you for the silver linings, all those little things that put a smile on your face even after being in a bad mood, or having a crappy day at work...

I've had a pair of those both yesterday and today. Yesterday I had a super crazy busy end of shift at work, which meant I ended up leaving late and was super stressed, but when I got home... ta dah! A parking spot right in front of my door! And parking is really a sore issue here, so made my day!

And today? Feeling blah, aunt Irma around, work quite busy again... but, when I got home I had some awesome bookmarks from author Mindee Arnett in the mail, AUTHOGRAPHED!! Again, big smile!

Thinking positive is not easy, do I know it! But we always need to remember to always look on the bright side of life! *whistling*


  1. I'm so with you on it not being easy to always think positive but it makes life so much better when you do :) I'm glad the universe threw you a couple things to smile about!

  2. When you feel really bad, the good things are coming to you. Life is full of good and bad.

  3. I'm not brilliant at looking on the bright side of life, but it is nice to have those little things cheer you up. Those Mindee Arnett bookmarks look awesome! And they're autographed, too? Nice! :)

  4. People who see the small wonders are blessed and I think these are the optimists. I really DO believe that positive thinking people attract luck and happiness. Cause I often see that people whining all day about everything and no wonder they are victims to accidents, misfortune and troubles. So keep your good mood and smile!


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