Thursday, July 26, 2012

Travelling Thursday: My first trip to Ireland: Dublin and Newgrange!!!

Hello everyone!

After a faily busy 5 days of work and quite a few emotionals ups and downs and a lot of unhappiness with my own country over the way they're handling the economy, the country, the stupid backwards laws the new goverment wants to pass and the fact that they won't give Gaurav a tourist visa to come this year...

So, to cheer myself up today before working night shift, I want to share with you all some photos of my trip to Ireland in March! I didn't go for St Patrick's Day, if you remember I was at my Wilton 1 intensive course. But I managed to exchange a few days and went to visit the Emerald Island with Joel, my elder nephew!

I've always felt drawn to Ireland for no particular or apparent reason, and after being there... I just can't wait to go back! We stayed at a small B&B quite in the middle of Dublin & the Temple Bar area itself! We had everything walking distance, and we enjoyed having early bird dinners and then some pints at the pubs with live music. I dragged my nephew to see Newgrange (which he actually enjoyed) and marvelled at the amount of daffodils you can find all over the roads, and loved seeing all the black faced sheep everywhere! And of course, Newgrange itself is just amazing!

Funny fact, late March, Ireland... and not a drop of rain! We had the sunniest days ever, and I left my sunglasses back in Spain expecting it to be cloudy and rainy every day!

 The view of the river Liffey from the bridge right outside our B&B

 Let's have some Guinness!

Joel had his first taste of Guinness during this trip, and he loved it! We also learnt how to properly throw yourself a pint, and we even had our own tap the last night when we went for a dinner with live music and Riverdancing at the Arlington Hotel!

 The Half Penny Bridge over the Liffey

 Spring time in Ireland, with gorgeous cherry trees!

Visiting Newgrange (or Brú Na Bóinne) was an absolutely fantastic experience. And I'm really glad I could do the tour for this, since I couldn't visit Tara Hill. Obviously, another reason to go back!

There's a lot of debate about what was the actual function of Newgrange, a passage toomb or an ancient temple, that predates both the Piramids and Stonehenge? Check out their website for more info on this superbly remarkable place: Newgrange.

And to say goodbye, let's say good morning to sweet Molly Malone, selling cockles and mussels in the streets of old Dublin by day, and who knows what else by night...

I can't wait to go back to the green old Ireland, even more with Gaurav, and I wouldn't be adverse to moving there one day either...


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I never even considered going to Newgrange. I'll have to add that to my wish list. Sorry about BF not getting to visit you this year. That stinks!

  2. Looks like fun, I want to go to Ireland so bad!!

    Also, your nephew is adorable! Glad you guys had a good time!

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  4. I'm so happy that you shared a little bit of your Irish adventures with us.

    Newgrange is indeed a magical place, as is Tower Hill. And hey! My hubby's art is on that Newgrange website you linked in this blog post. He's got about 4 paintings on their site - check it out at the site by going directly to the Art Work menu.

    Dublin is one of my favourite places in all of Ireland, although there are so many amazing places all over the country to see, experience, explore and enjoy. I love Temple Bar. Next time you come over, stop in to Messrs Maguire - it's a very cool, friendly pub, with absolutely amazing microbrews - made right there, in the pub, and you can even watch it being made.

    I would really love it. Pili, if we could meet up the next cime you come back to Ireland. I'm in the west of the country, but it's easy for me to get to Dublin (how I wish I could live there one day). And even one better - if you could follow your bliss and one day move here. How cool would that be! You'd be most welcome, with open arms - especially by me.

    Slan go foill, mo chara! June

  5. Thank you all ladies!

    And June, I HAVE to go back to Ireland, and if I had my way, I'll move there right away! Be as it may, it's always been in our plans to move to Ireland together, the Indian & the Spaniard, so we will, eventually. And of course, next time I'm over there I will contact you and we'll meet up!

  6. I would love that, Pili! It would be absolutely brilliant! I am sending out positive vibes that one day - sooner rather than later - you and Gaurav will be able to make the big move. I'll be there with open arms, to give you cead mile failte. - June


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