Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Song: Pyaar Ki Pungi from the Agent Vinod movie!

Hello there!

I owe you guys many many photos and many entries, but for today, before taking a lil nap after working I wanna share a song with you guys!

During the wedding days we used to play these two channels on the telly that only play Bollywood videos, and both G and myself got quite into this song, which is rather unusual for us both, but it is quite a catchy song! According to Gaurav the title could be roughly translated as "you've given my heart a nipple twist" or something like that...

Hope you'll like it. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. thank you for giving me a giggle -- what a fun song. it has kind of an 80s vibe! ;)

  2. Love Bollywood! Not the drama but music and dancing :)

  3. Hehehe! Gotta love Bollywood! Thanks for sharing, Pili!

  4. I've yet to see this film but really, really want to, as I dig Saif Ali Khan - a lot - (even though the Bollywood gossip papers said it flopped), but am waiting for the DVD to come out. Have you seen the film or did you get a chance to go to the cinema while you were in India (probably not, what with the wedding of course).

    I like this song too. Very upbeat and yeah, 80's sounding - I definitely agree with you, La Alicia.

    More photos from the wedding, please, Pili. Pretty please?


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