Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Photos: Getting ready for an Indian wedding or... how to wear a saree!

Hey it's Friday! And this week, even I have the weekend off!!

Since I'm feeling pretty tired after my 5 days & 1 one night shifts at work, I begged the boyfriend for some shots to share with you guys today, to celebrate that is Friday and I have days off!

I'm showing off some photos of the mehndi (henna designs) that I got done for Gaurav's friend's wedding. And also, a few shots on How To Wear A Saree!

I got the saree for Umi's wedding on my previous visit to India this year, and I choose this beautiful Bengali silk saree cause I simply fell in love with the fabric and the colour!

I have never worn a saree before, and obviously I have no bloody clue how to wrap myself in the yards of fabric! Also, two basics you need before putting on a saree are the petticoat skirt and blouse. Mention worthy: when I bought my saree I read in the tag the blouse was included, but when we were paying for it (I went saree shopping with Gaurav's mom) I still didn't see hair nor hide of the blouse... turns out it is part of the yards of fabric, and you cut it out and take it to a tailor so you get it made in your size!

On the day of the wedding I asked Varsha for help with putting on my saree, cause both Gaurav's mom & sister were staying at a different hotel than us, but as it happened she also had help, cause the bride's family had hired 3 people that worked at saree shops to help the guests with the saree wearing!

The shop lady did most of the job, but Varsha was the one to make sure I looked great with the saree! Also, she was wearing an absolutely amazing saree herself!

And tah dah! All ready to attend a Big Fat Indian Wedding!! And I have to say, I think I managed to handle the saree wearing, and dancing and all that pretty well!


  1. You look great pili!
    I love the sari and that color on you!

  2. You look stunning Pili!

    I love the mendhi too, such beautiful designs!

  3. Wow! Or, should I say it the Hindi way = 'Va Va Va'! You look absolutely beautiful in that sari, Pili! The colours compliment you perfectly. Oh! And the mendhi, too! I feel like I'm watching 'DDLJ' (which, come to think of it, I just might do that tonight, as I need a filmi fix).

    A dear friend of mine, who lives in Wolverhampton in the UK but whose family is from Gujarat, has invited me to his wedding - whenever that will be. And not wedding, but TWO. One in the UK, and one, of course, in Gujarat. His sister even sent me a beautiful light green sari, with lovely sequins and embroidery all over the fabric). I will definitely be needing someone to help me figure out how exactly to wear and fold it properly - even though I've watched so many Hindi films over the years, I don't think I'd be able to manage it. Looks like you had expert and wonderful help.

    Absolutely beautiful. Stunningly so. More photos, please!

    Have a lovely weekend, mere dost Pili, Aur bahut shukriya for sharing your khoobsurat sari photos with us. - June

  4. You look GREAT! I love these photos!

  5. Thank you ladies!

    June - The wedding in Gujarat will be an absolutely otherwordly experience for you! There's no Big Fat Wedding as a Big Fat Indian Wedding!

    As for the saree wearing, once you get your petticoat or innerskirt and a blouse, petticoat being same colour than the saree so if it ever peeks under it won't be noticeable and the blouse matching or contrasting but complementing, there are many pages with tips (I've linked to one of them up there) and also many youtube videos! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it, apparently it's all in being sure the petticoat is tight, the folds for the front are done neatly and always remember to have safety pins handy to secure both folds and the pallu of the saree to the shoulder!

  6. You look gorgeous! I think a Saree would be the perfect gown for me to hide some extra hip pounds ;)
    I also love your Henna painting on your hands.

  7. You look gorgeous in the sari! I have two sari given by my Indian friends. It is so fun to wear them.

  8. Pili that mehndi and your saree is fantastic! You look beautiful!


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