Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wearing Handmade Wednesday: Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie!!

Another Wednesday has rolled by, and with it, it's time for another instance of Wearing Handmade Wednesday!

This week I'm showing off yet another gorgeous piece of an indie clothing company I'm completely in love with, and that I've already featured in the blog: Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie!

I already showed off my Pink Love Poppy Kimono here, and after it came the set of tank & PJ pants, and two dresses, one of them in my very new favourite fabric from her entire shop, not only so much for the print, but for the feel of it, Habutai silk is an absolute luxury!

My gorgeous tunic dress in Silk Road Sweet

Now, I can't wait to get me another tunic dress, this time in Pink Love Poppy, and a tank in this gorgeous Habutai Silk fabric!


  1. Lovely! Wonderful colors! The shop is really great.

  2. Its amazing how much handmade clothing you have!
    Do you make any clothing yourself?


  3. you wear it well! :) it's lovely!

  4. I love that you have so many handmade pieces! Your wardrobe is just amazing!

  5. beautiful choice. I love how you pick bright colors and fun patterns. Love the kimono. Aren't they just so comfy?

  6. Hi Pili,
    Tunic is SO in!!! I love the top. I checked her shop and there are so many nice things there (one dress I am totally in love with!!).
    Yeah the week is going so fast isn't it? I can't believe it's May already...

  7. You look gorgeous!! The colors are stunning :)

  8. You look fab! I adore tunics and am so happy that they are in fierce style these days :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  9. It is gorgeous, Pili! And you wear it beautifully. She should hire you as a model, because you seriously look like you belong in those pretty colors and patterns. I wish I could feel it, I'm sure the texture is heavenly.

  10. LOVE the colors!! It looks so comfortable too!

  11. i lurves that top! so comfy looking and such gorgeous colours! i'm so glad you're my taste twin, you know?! ;)


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