Monday, May 2, 2011

Mark This Book Monday: The Ancient Guide To Modern Life

Monday is here, and to fight the Monday Blues, nothing like launching a new feature for the blog! I've been meaning to starting writing reviews and recommendations for books, since I'm a proper crazy bookworm, but I've been stumped by what name to give it!

Finally yesterday, it hit me, and that's how Mark This Book Monday was born!

For the first instance of this new feature, I wanted to talk about a new favourite that I discovered by chance in my usual book selling website: The Book Depository, "The Ancient Guide To Modern Life" by Natalie Haynes.

I've always loved history in school, and I really wanted to study archeology for while in HS, but of course, in the end I went back to my childhood desire of becoming a nurse. But my passion for history has been with me since then, and Ancient History is my favourite period, may it be Persia, Sumeria, Egypt, Hindu civilization, Aztecs, Mayans or Green & Rome! This book focuses on them both, the Occidental main civilizations and the foundations of the civilized world we have now.

By telling stories about the ancient world, Natalie Haynes shows us the parallelisms between back then and now, and also tries to make us see how history keep repeating itself, so paying attention to the past, can teach us lessons for the present and future, and can also entertain us!

This is a book that I would highly recommend for everyone that loves history, and for those that need to look at history in different light and learn to appreciate it, I'd recommend it too!


  1. How exciting and I love the title! :)

  2. I like the title you gave your monday posts :)
    As for history - not my thing, but it is very interesting how it does repeat itself. And here we thought we were original - lol


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