Monday, May 16, 2011

Mark This Book Monday: Souther Vampires aka Sookie Stackhouse aka True Blood series

Another Monday has arrived, to start a fresh week, and with it brings yet another bookish recommendation by yours truly.

This series might be better know than the one I suggested last week, since it's been turned into a HBO show, and yes, it's yet another series of books about vampires (the usual spelling this time, though).

The Southern Vampire series also known as the Sookie Stackhouse series or the True Blood series, since that's how the show was named (after the drink that changed it all, True Blood, the more common brand of synthetic blood manufactured by the Japanese).

These books are also a long series, they are supposed to be 13 books(but that's unconfirmed), and so far we are on the 11th, if I'm not mistaken. Here's the list of all the books available to this date (and yes, you might notice a certain theme to the titles):

1.- Dead Until Dark
2.- Living Dead In Dallas
3.- Club Dead
4.- Dead To The World
5.- Dead As A Doornail
6.- Definitely Dead
7.- All Together Dead
8.- From Dead To Worse
9.- Dead And Gone
10.- Dead In The Family
11.- Dead Reckoning

They are adult books, with violence & sex, with vampires, werewolves, were animals and even fairies, but none of them are particularly nice, fluffy furry friends or sprinkling fairy dust around. They're monsters & human, and humans that are worse than the monsters. There's comedy, there's drama, there's romance... a little bit of everything.

And of course, there's Eric Northman, the one thousand years old, gorgeous and flying Viking vampire. My favourite book so far from the whole series has to be "Dead To The World" cause Eric loses his memory and acts like a mix of a lost puppy & a traditional Viking warrior, and let me tell you, that's quite a combination!

These books are fast to read, quite addictive and also, as the story progresses they get a bit more tangled & complicated in the supernatural side of it, you just don't know what's gonna pop out of the fairy tales to become real, and the vampire politics get more and more complicated. Right now I'm reading the 12th book, "Dead Reckoning" on my phone with this handy app called Aldiko (recommended if you have an android phone and want to read on the go), and just by being on chapter 3 I'm already wondering what new big twist is gonna be thrown at the telepathic bartender!

As far as the show & books compared... I have to say I am disappointed in the show, they have changed so many things from the books, and have omitted quite another bunch... so I'd recommend you watch as much as the show first and then read the books, I enjoyed Season 1 quite more cause I hadn't read any of the books yet, I just have been disappointed after wards. Would you guess the only reason I still watch the show? If you are thinking about the Viking vampire, you are right, cause I have to give the True Blood people something, they did cast the right Eric, for sure!


  1. Awww, Pili, me encanta "True Blood". La verdad es que la serie me parece entretenidísima, un divertimento genial, y qué decir de Eric, es absolutamente delicioso.
    Los libros me encantan, voy por el sexto, ay, se devoran como caramelos. Sookie es cien veces mejor en los libros, tan sencilla, divertida y encantadora.

  2. Ive started watching the series, I dont mind it but im not very far into it yet. And Mikey bought me one of the books which I havent started reading yet. I dont think any vampire series will out do the Twilight series for me im afraid :)


  3. I LOVE the show, but I haven't read the books. Usually, if I've read the books, I'm always disappointed in the show or movie. I plan to start reading the books soon, because I'm sure I will enjoy them even more than the show!

    P.S. I'm just finishing the "Diaries of the Family Dracul" series by Jeanne Kalogridis. One of my fav vampire series ever. It's written in diary entry format by each of the characters, and is full of passion, darkness, action, and sex! ;)

  4. this series of books is on my reading wish list... one day i hope to be able to sit down and read them. this and that other vampyre series you suggested! =D


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