Monday, September 27, 2010

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie!!

Monday is here, and it's also the day before I'm turning 30... woah!

It's been a while since I've started a new decade (well, 10 years exactly, but you know...) and I really feel it's been quite a whirlwind, since I turned 20 and now I've arrived at the doorstep of a new decade, wondering if I should start feeling old, worrying about how time flies or worry about what changes await me now...

But, I'm not gonna do any of those in this blog entry! No sir, I'm gonna be showing off one of my self-presents for turning 30!

I found Plum Pretty Sugar's shop on Etsy while doing a search for kimonos. Fell in love with her entire shop, hearted it and waited for the right time to indulge myself. And it arrived this month, when I thought that instead of worrying about getting old for turning 30, I'd pamper myself, cause I deserve it! After all, birthdays are a celebration of life, and we should always enjoy and celebrate we are alive!

Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie, you might be wondering what's loungerie? Well, lovely clothes to lounge around! Kimono robes, pyjama pants, tank tops, camisoles, tunic dresses... all in wonderful fabrics, most of them also from India! So, really, what's not to love?

My favourite fabric has to be "Pink Love Poppy" and that's the fabric I got my Knee length Kimono robe in size medium.

Once thing I love about Etsy, is how sellers almost always care enough to contact you about your order and thank you for your custom, and this time was no exception. And since the shipping & custom times from US to Spain are beating records in speed, my Kimono robe arrived here super quickly!

It came lovely wrapped and tagged, and with care recommendations. I tried it on right as I got it off the parcel, and wow, the fabric as an amazing soft and silky feel on your skin! Inner tie, thick sash, kimono sleeves... I'm even more in love with my robe than even I expected to be!

As she proclaims in her website, it's absolutely ideal to lounge around home comfy and looking great, and also perfect to open the door to the postman, neighbor asking for salt, have a coffee/tea with your best friend, and to pack and take with you on vacation to look fabulous while being lazy!

After getting my robe, my wish list from Plum Pretty Sugar's shop has grown exponentially! I think I need one of everything! But what I really want to get next are the pyjama pants & matching tank in Pretty Love Poppy, maybe a Christmas self present?


  1. happy almost birthday & good for you for treating yourself! It is a gorgeous kimono & you look lovely in it!

  2. OMG...Plili that is pretty!! I think it looks gorgeous on you too.

  3. 30 isn't old! Just ask me - I know!
    LOVE the kimono. You look very relaxed.
    Hope you have a really wonderful birthday :)

  4. You look beautiful as always. The Kimono is gorgeous. Happy early Birthday!!

  5. That is a beautiful kimono. I love it and it totally suits you. The color looks great with your skin tone!

  6. Yay for pampering yourself and happy early birthday! The matching pyjamas sound like a wonderful combination with the kimono :)

    I may have to check the shop out myself now!

  7. How do you manage to find the absolute coolest shops on Etsy? When I saw the word "Loungerie" in the title, I thought we were going to see some naughty pics of you lol! The photos might not be naughty, but they sure are beautiful! I am convinced that my life will be more complete once I own something from this shop.

    I think you've got a wonderful perspective on turning 30! So many people get depressed at that time, and it's silly considering how young 30 really is. Not to mention you have the face of a teenage girl, so I don't think you have to worry about looking old at all. You've got a great job, an AWESOME personality, and a man who loves you dearly. I think you deserve to be very proud of the things you've accomplished in 30 years. Rock on, birthday girl!!!

  8. Thank you so much ladies!

    Holly, you've just made me tear up a lil bit! *hugs*

  9. that is one gorgeous kimono!! and we both have HK pajamas too?!? hee hee.

    30 is only a number. i strongly believe there is "aged" and "old". you, my dear pili, are aged well like a fine wine. =)

  10. Happy Birthday, girl! Welcome to 30, I arrived in January, and it's not so bad. ;) I hope you have a wonderful day!

    That robe is GORGEOUS, lovely choice as usual!

  11. That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and happy birthday to you!! :)


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