Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Warning Label Creations!

Back to the regular schedule of reviewing!

During these holidays I've managed to get loads of pics taken(by my personal photographer and awesome boyfriend), so I'll be catching up on reviews for a lot of awesome sellers I want to introduce to you all! All I need now is time to spare for blogging, and that is gonna be a bit sparse for the rest of week, my schedule at work is a bit busy, and after today I'm not getting another day off till next week, so the entries may not come out as often as I'd like, cause the list of pending entries is getting quite lenghty!

Anyone that knows me, or even simply reads my blogs knows that I'm a huge lover of everything handmade, AND a huge bag-addict! As it is, I'm a huge Dolly Bag fan, and rarely get any other type of bags ever, so if I buy a bag that is not from DungareeDolly.com, then that in itself is telling you it's a special kind of bag!

I met Jamie, the owner, designer and girl behind the scenes of Warning Label Creations through DIYScene (if you are beginning to wonder if all the most awesome sellers ever are over there, yes, indeed they are!) and you know the best thing about finding sellers like this? You get to hear feedback from other crafters about them, and also get to know the seller, which I find very important (that way you get to know how reliable they are as sellers).

After all this background info that I got, I checked her shop, and her bags were amazing! Since I have tons and TONS of bags, I added them to my wish list and decided that I needed to indulge myself one of her bags at some point! And that moment arrived when she listed her submission for the DIYScene Street Team Project for January, Anti-Valentines Themed clutch bag! I saw it and was in love!

It's not only the cutest thing ever, with its skullie appliqué, but also really really well made, and has endured all the packing and unpacking, and the dust and the sand of coming with me to Delhi, Bangalore and Goa! One tough lil clutch I tell you!

If you are absolutely in love with it, as I was, you can get your own clutch (not like this one, sorry, it's OOAK, but she has many awesome ones) in her Etsy shop, and if you want to know about the custom stuff she makes, from hoodies to kilts, check her blog! I'm currently in the wait for a new custom bag from her!

All photographs courtesy of Gaurav S.


  1. jamie's stuff is always amazing :) perfect choice for a review!

  2. The pictures are soooo adorable! Thanks Pili!


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