Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After going back to work, and actually having a good shift for once, I decided to spend some time re-checking the pics I have to use for my blog entries, and decided to get onto writing another blog entry while watching some Bones repeats.

I met Lex from SmarmyClothes through DIYScene, as I've met so many amazing others before. Lex not only is a very talented seamstress and designer, and aside from managing her own website and her Etsy shop, she also manages, an amazing website full of all sorts of information, like tutorials and all sorts of helpful resources for crafters! She also organizes contests for crafters with amazing prices! (I am honoured to be part of the jury for those!).

My first purchase from Lex was a pair of Smarmickers, one with owls and one with skulls & crossbones, that I still haven't been brave enough to model, but after those I've been in love with many of her amazing clothing pieces, either reconstructed from shirts or made from scratch, and finally caved in and decided to jump at the chance and bought a short sleeved and a long sleeved tops. Both flawlessly constructed and sewed, both cute and with an edge, and both have become part of my absolute favourite pieces of clothing! I've very happily added Lex to the list of amazing DIY-ers I'll always go back to buying from!

Here you can see my Sneaky Mr Bat top (the bf says it's the right top to wear to see Batman) and my Bleeding Heart Disease top, that Miss Lex knew I'd love, being a nurse as I am (and she is).

I've also been thinking for a while to comission her for an Iron Maiden dress, since she accepts all sort of custom orders for reconstructing tees into tops, dresses or skirts, I just need to find the right Maiden shirt!

Photographs courtesy of Gaurav S.


  1. You look so cute in the striped heart shirt! Although I may have to steal it from you!

  2. Only if I can steal your Lil Red Riding Hood top missy! ;)

  3. both tops look adorable on you! miss smarmy rocks :)

  4. Oh man, I loved that Bat top! I'm glad it went to someone awesome.

  5. You are the sweetest, Pili! Thank you so much for the awesome write-up! You look adorable in both tops.


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