Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kicking off the dust...

*cleans dust from blog*

*starts coughing*

Hello there!! Long time no see, huh? Yes indeed... I've been out and about on holidays since my last blog, spending some amazing time with my even more amazing boyfriend in India!

I had intended to write some blogs while I was over there, keeping up with the pictures taking and the like, but truth be told, all I did, internet-related, during my holidays was checking Etsy on occasion, dropping by DIYscene a pair of times and checking my mail every two days or so... I just wanted to relax, and spend as much time with my boyfriend as possible; and truth be told, taking pictures is not so much time consuming, editing them... that's another story!

So in this blog entry, I'm just gonna show off a few pics, so you can see what I've been up to these past weeks:

We spent time with baby Rudra!

We went to the beach, and spent some time taking pics around!

Visited Sariska, a tiger preserve, and did see a tiger up close!

More blog entries to come soon (I hope) including some reviews and other quirky happenings on my holidays!

Stay tuned!

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