Monday, March 16, 2009

Looby Lou Crafts!

Inspiration for a blog entry doesn't always come when you want it or have the time for it, so whenever it comes, you have to work with it, even if it means using the draft feature now and then!

I found Looby Lou Crafts while doing a search on Etsy. What was I looking for? I wasn't really specific, I've always liked oriental styled things of all sorts and this time I just typed Japanese and started looking at all that the Etsy search engine was offering me, and let me tell you, it is indeed a way to find some gems in there, if you have the time and patience to look through a bunch of pages!

I saw one of her Obi belts, loved it, hearted it and went on looking through the pages. Then, later that week I went through my favourites, and decided to look closer at the Obi belt and her shop. I did my regular thing, read the profile, shop policies and feedback, as well as a bunch of the listings themselves. She doesn't only offer Obi belts, but also headbands, bags, purses and hand muffers! All of them in beautiful Japanese/Oriental fabrics.

I was absolutely in love with her shop, and with a particular Obi belt in a green butterflies fabric, so I decided to send her a convo and ask her if she could also make me a matching headband, and if she shipped to Spain (since she's in the UK I thought she would, but better to be sure, too many sellers don't ship here). She was really nice and helpful, and really willing to work with me. She set up a custom listing, and after a pair of days, my Obi belt and matching headband were completed and on their way! When the package got home, not only it was really nicely wrapped (that always makes me feel like I'm getting a present, even if it's from myself to me) but left me speecheless on well made, well stitched and constructed both the Obi belt and the headband were!

I was so absolutely in love with both things that I decided that:

1.- I needed more things made in that same fabric (I got a custom Meow Kiki dress and a Dolly bag)

2.- I needed more of her headbands! They don't fall off you head (not even when I get my hair straightened) and since the fabric placement is different on both sides of the headband, they're fully reversible and look like a different headband.

The Obi belt looks absolutely gorgeous to give another look at my custom Meow Kiki dress, and it would look perfect also to give some colour to a full black dress, or a combination of black shirt and black pants.

I finally got me another three of her headbands, taking advantage of a combined listing of three headbands she was offering in a her shop a few months later. They are thin headbands, though she also offers thick ones, and I had such a hard time choosing just three from all the gorgeous prints she offers in her shop! Finally chose my three, and once again, custom made for me, in a pair of days sent, and another pair of days, and they're here! Gotta love Royal Mail!

Here you can see all of my headbands & the Obi belt together.

And here you can see a pair of the headbands happily sported by me, both in Spain and India!

All photographs courtesy of Gaurav S.

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