Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crossbones Couture!!

Today's blog entry is dedicated to not only one of my favourite sellers, wonderful crafty lady, mother of two but a very good friend of mine, aside from fellow blogger in our joint blog: Two Girls And A Bar of Soap!

I met Brooke through, no surprise here, DIYScene! She's a mod there, and organizes swaps between the crafters there, and is also part of the DIYScene Etsy Street Team. She's been crafting for a looong time, and owns two Etsy shops: Crossbones Couture, for all your clothing needs, and Crossbones Collateral, for all kind of accesories (scarves, bags, cuffs), she also runs her own blog aside from our joint one!

After getting to know her, and getting to know about how good she is at her craft, from fellow crafters' feedback, I decided to indulge myself with two bags from her Collateral shop, two bags that actually reflect who I am: a cute Hello Kitty Halloween bag, and a Star Wars tote bag! Bags to satisfy the bag snob in me, as well as the geek and the lover of all things cute! Not only I got two amazing bags, but also a filled with goodies package, including PEZ candy and soap!

After getting my two bags and loving them, I was ready for more Crossbones Couture, so when I found out that Brooke was taking custom orders for a pea coat (mainly that she had made one for the gorgeous Destry from Pet Zombie Creations) so I decided to ask her to make me one! My one request was some paw print for the lining and details, and Brooke went on to have a fight or two with it, till she managed to make me an awesome, warm and fuzzy peacoat! This time the package not only arrived full of all sort of goodies, but with one of her most amazing and famous scarves! I unfortunately don't have any pics wearing my peacoat (I'll work on that on the next cold wave!) but I do have a picture of me wearing my very warm and not bulky Crossbones scarf!

I am so completely in love with my scarf, that I had to get one for one of my best friend's b-day, but you can read about it all in another blog entry here.

Brooke also jumped at my request for coffee sleeves, and you can read about it in my entry about Coffee Cozies. Here you can see Gaurav amused about how actually useful they are! (and it not just being one of his crazy girlfriend ideas...).

While preparing my February trip to India, I asked Brooke if she was working in any more of her drawstring long skirts, and through her "supposed" bedrest ( she was 7 months pregnant at this stage) she managed to sew a handful of amazing skirts, with the most amazing decorative stitches and fabric combinations! I refrained myself of buying them all, and went for a black one and a sand colour one. They arrrived more than plenty on time for me to stuff them into my suitcase and wear them all around Goa! (along with a jar of Fluff that I asked Brooke to get for me cause I wanted to try it!). I have to tell you, those skirts are so goddamned comfy! And absolutely perfect for beach wear!

My latest (and in no way last) purchase from Brooke is one of her newest models of handbags, the Rock & Roll bag! I got it just before leaving for India, and she was more than kind enough to wait to send it to me till I was back here from my holidays, so there'd be no issues with the package while I was away. I got the bag just yesterday, and let me tell you, it has a more than appropiate name, cause it seriously ROCKS! It has become one of my very favourites bags of all time, and has come with me today to celebrate St Patrick's Day and to see Watchmen!

If you don't own any Crossbones gear, let me tell you, you are seriously missing out!


  1. Pili.....I am so happy you love all of your CC stuff. You are one of my favorite customers, and a dear friend!

  2. brooke is so amazing! she's like a superhero :)

  3. Brooke IS amazing! I love the hell out of my Brooke Bag!

    I think we need pictures of the peacoat!!!


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