Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Nayade's Birthday!

Finally! Back to the regular schedule of blogging!

Today I gave my very good friend (actually, one of my best friends) Nayade, her birthday presents, all of them bought in Etsy!

I have decided to go for each and all presents, when possible, the handmade way... so Birthday presents for my friends is a first step, and one that I'm enjoying quite a bit!

When trying to decided what to get for my dear Nayade, I started by remembering how much she liked the Cotton and Cloud reversible gloves I got for our common friend Esther's birthday, so I decided that I should get her one pair! I looked on Kyoko's shop and found the cutest and most colourful reversible fingerless gloves ever! I liked them so much that I wanted to keep them for myself! Also, the packaging was so cute, and perfect for gift giving with a box!

Here you can see Nayade, soooo happily showing off her gloves, sporting the two different sides! And she says that all her co-workers are gonna be so envious of her! She's even wishing for some colder weather to show them off for longer!

I was wondering about getting her clothes, cause she loves the clothes I get off Etsy and all my regular sellers, but whereas I know my size and am pretty good at figuring inches measurements and know what will fit me... I had no idea how to do that for her...

Browsing around my favourites, I saw this lovely halter top in Crossbones Couture, the clothing shop from my good friend and co-blogger (Two Girls and A Bar of Soap) Brooke, and fell in love with it! The measurements listed seem a lil big for me, and it was listed as a M-L but didn't seem too big, and since Nayade is roughly one size up than me... I thought it would be perfect for her! When she opened the package and saw the top, she squealed! She didn't properly try it on, but she says she's sure it'll fit her fine!

After getting the top, I went to look at Brooke's other shop: Crossbones Collateral and thought that since I had got her those really nice gloves, I should get her a scarf, and what better scarf than a Brooke scarf! I got one she sent me when I bought my peacoat from her, and I'm absolutely in love with it! It's so soft and warm, but light and not bulky at the same time! I went for one with a combination of greens in the print, what will match one of the sides of the reversible gloves perfectly! And once again, it was a total score, cause Nayade is in love with it!

I couldn't be happier about how well liked these presents were, which shouldn't really surprise me, all handmade items are made with love, and picked with care and love by me, so they're bound to be equally appreciated!

Thank you Brooke and Kyoko for creating those lovely pieces that made my friend so very happy!

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  1. aaawww Thank you Pili. You are a star! I am so happy that your friend likes the glove. Is it getting warmer over there? We have been having a very windy weather here in London. Hope you have a good week!


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