Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 7 (Monday Edition)

Hello there again!

Well, once again, we're late with our weekly challenge of pictures... I know, week 7 and we can't even keep to schedule? But this time it was due to no connection, cause I only arrived today from my parents' cottage, which is the perfect place to relax, and no internet available!

Anyways, here are both Gaurav and mine pictures! And both reflect what our weekend was about!

More next Sunday, and yes, I'm talking about this week's Sunday!


  1. OMG...Cinnamon looks like a pot cake cute!!! or some Catalonian breed. I love her :D

  2. Is Gaurav in water? How cool is that!?
    Love your puppy... :D Beautiful colour. I would love to interview you for my Feline Friday (well, canine friday :D) Let me know if that is OK!

    Hope you have a great weekend ;)

  3. Jolene, I need to show you better pics!

    And Kyoko, yes, Gaurav was in a pool, having a weekend trip with his family to Jaipur!
    And of course, I'd love to be interviewed!! Whenever you want!! I'd be honoured! =D


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