Monday, June 15, 2009

Dingogirl's Den!!

As promised, a blog entry that is NOT our Sunday shots photographs!

This blog entry, as many others, have been a while on the making, due to lack of photographs, lack of time, and lack of motivation to either sit down and write it, or go take the pictures... But, after all that, here it is!

I met Jolene from Dingogirl's Den via DIYScene, and since day one I fell in love with her wonderful characters that she made live in her messenger bags, pillows and even art dolls... Really cute but in a different way, not your sugary, seen-everywhere cute. You have doggies, angry cats, David the gnome's look-alike, feisty sheep, awfully cute monsters and anything that you can imagine!

I always thought I wanted, at the very least, one of her pillows for when I have my own place, but, when my dad brought lil Cinnamon (Canela in Spanish) home, the cutest, tiniest lil puppy ever, something started brewing inside my head... and after a while, I decided to ask Jolene if she'd be willing to make me a custom pillow, with a Cinnamon doppelganger appliqued! She was quite excited about the challenge, since she had never caricaturized a living being before!

The process could have been even smoother if I hadn't dissappeared when my laptop died, leaving Jolene with only one picture of Cinnamon to work with, and an un-approved sketch for over a week... Thanks Jolene for your patience! Once I got a new laptop, we resumed the process, and Jolene's sketch was very enthusiastically approved!

And that was just the beginning, cause when I saw the pictures of the finished pillow, I just couldn't believe the AMAZING job that Jolene had done! I clearly had my puppy, in pillow form right before my eyes! And not only that, but you need to read Jolene's blog entry about the pillow, to get the whole info of all the time, dedication and love (even using a family's vintage fabric that has been in her family for generations!) that she put into this pillow!

Once the pillow arrived home, I couldn't believe it, but it was EVEN better in person! I have it now on my bed, and will be coming with me whenever I move out and wherever I move to! No matter what, even if I can't take my Cinnamon with me, and she'll have to stay with my parents, I'll always have this beautiful pillow with me!

This weekend, I had promised Jolene I'd get pictures of miss Cinnamon with her fabric doppelganger, and even if it proved to be a bit of a challenge (she's such an active puppy!) I managed to take a few pics of the both of them together! Aren't they cute?

"Mommy, are we done with pictures yet?"


  1. I love Jolene's work... her puppy rendition is just too cute!!

  2. Awwe that did turn out Great! Jolene does do An Amazing job doesn't she! Cute puppies!!!

  3. Aw! I bet she enjoyed working on a project with such a cute little pup for her inspiration. Cinnamon is such a sweetie. I LOVE the photo of you and her together with the pillow.

  4. Thanks Pili!!!!
    I love this article and I love Cinnamon...Her ears are just to die for :D I love the blog entry and thanks again for the challenge :D

  5. Thanks a LOT girls!!

    I love my lil puppy!!

    And Jolene, thank you so very much, I couldn't be happier with my pillow!

  6. That's some amazing work! Love the pillow!

    OMG your puppy is too cute for words!

  7. The puppy is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to get a dog, but no room in my flat for me, let alons a dog.

  8. I saw a puppy like yours today being walked down the street and thought of your puppy and the cute pillow!

  9. Wow! What beautiful work :) I bet Cinnamon is enjoying it too.

  10. AAAhh!! It's the best! I love Jolene's work, and Cinnamon is the cutest puppy. So sweet :D Can't wait to interview you!

  11. Thanks a LOT again!

    I need to tell Cinnamon about how popular she is with you girls!

    She likes the pillow, but might like to munch on it, so I'm not letting her play with it! ;) And besides... it's mine! Hehehe


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