Monday, May 25, 2009

Black Kitten Accesories!

Finally! This blog entries of mine require not only that I first get the items and use them, and then write the blog, but also I need to take pics... I rarely use the listing pics, mainly because even the photographs the sellers use are amazing, they also are their intellectual property, and I'd also rather take my own.

I like taking photographs, and I'm slightly moving from the beginner stage to the obssesed amateur, and taking pictures of all the beautiful things I get is quite an amazing exercise for my photography. The lil problem of getting more involved into photography means I like to stand more behind the camera, and less in front of it. But, now with my shiny new gorillapod, I have a helping hand with the self-photography.

My delay with writing this blog entry has been caused exactly by the lack of proper pics to show off the adorable necklace I got from Mary from Black Kitten Accesories! But yesterday, I got an idea after taking pics for my Sunday shot, and even if the light & quality was not the best, Gaurav managed to edit them enough to be not-too-bad-to-be-used.

I met Mary through DIYScene, and got along with her great, although truth be told, who wouldn't!? She's a wonderful, talented crafter, and huge animal lover!

Her etsy shop, Black Kitten Accesories, offers a range of handmade accesories, like pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, with a perfect mix of cute & creepy!

I got myself one of beautiful Anatomical Assylum necklaces, in my favourite colour, blue. She's offered them in a variety of colours, and hopefully she'll offer them again soon, cause they're absolutely lovely! They're polymer clay pendants, painted and glazed for a perfect sealed finish! It has the perfect size for a lil bit of showing off, but not too big for those like me, that aren't the kind to carry something the size of my head from my neck...

Here you can see me wearing it, and you can see it is the perfect size for a pendant!

Make to stop by Black Kitten's shop, since she's offering a 75% off on her SALE section!

And stay tuned for more blog entries some time this week!


  1. Her work is so cute, and I LOVED the keyhole design when I first saw it. I've got a bit of a fascination with keys at the moment. You look really cute in it too, she should hire you as her new model!

  2. Thanks, Holly!

    But I don't think I can work as a model!

  3. You are so cute Pili...shh!

    I love that necklace...I snatched up the turquoise one (Mara and I share the same fascination with the color.) a little while ago. Every time I wear it (and I wear it often) I get a compliment or 20!

    Mary does, indeed, rock socks!

  4. OMG this entry made me so happy! Thank you, Pili. I'm so glad you love it. Next time though, if you buy from me again, I'll make the chain a little shorter for you! Thanks again for the awesome blog entry, it rocks!!!! :) *hugs*

  5. Oh that's adorable!
    Love your hat! :)

  6. Oh, I love the color! It's so cute. The gorillapod is absolutely incredible. My tripod is broken :( and need a new one.
    You are a great model! ;) have a lovely weekend.


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