Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 8

Good evening!

I know the blog has been a bit abandoned as of late, but I haven't been too inspired to either take pics, or write new blog entries, but since I had this week's self-shot to take care of, I got into gear this morning when I arrived from working night shift, and managed to take a bunch of nice shots that I will be using not only here but on prospect blog entries!

Gaurav's shot for this week is a self-portrait of a different kind, even if he's not present physically, the shot very much reflects him!

My shot has once again a guest, same one from last week, my puppy Cinnamon, just in a slightly different form!

Keep your eyes peeled for hopefully more blog entries next week! ;)


  1. AWWWWW...look at you with your Cinnamon pillow, I hope you still love it!!!

  2. Awww..Look at you with your Cinnamon pillow, i hope you atill love it :D

  3. I love the puppy pillow! How cute. What type of fabric did you use? The tea photo is really cool too - this could be my self portrait. I have a cup right next to me right now.


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