Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Irene's Birthday

My friend Irene had her 26th birthday this last Monday, but she celebrated it last Saturday, and took a bunch of is for dinner at Gino's (gotta love Italian food!) and then we went out for a few drinks and a lot of fun!

I've been trying to get as many handmade presents for every birthday as possible, and in Irene's case, it was not different, and I managed quite well, except for a kurta that I bought for her in my last visit to India, the rest of her goodies were handmade!

First of all, the birthday card! I got a few of these from Pacokeco's shop on Etsy, but I can only use them with Gaurav's family or those friends that are fluent in English and wouldn't mind a card in English. I haven't found any really nice cards in Spanish on Etsy, but I guess I can always ask for a few custom made ones... I know the lady behind Pacokeco would gladly get at it! I love her shop, it's full of fun and cute cards, tags & the cutest paper nummies ever! And her customer service is more than amazing too!

Next, I gave her the Tea Tree & Lime facial soap sample from Spa Therapy that I got from the EGCG Swag Bag, cause we had talked about her wanting to try a new soap for her face, and I thought she'd love it! First thing she did when she opened it was smell it, and then everyone in the table was also smelling the soap! It does smell great, but it was a bit of a weird sight at the restaurant!

And her favourite present was a Dolly bag! I got her totally addicted to Dolly bags last year when I got her a Dolly bag as b-day present, and since then she's been making wish lists of Dolly bags like mad! I got her a laptop bag for Reyes and now a Perfect Purse for her b-day! As every owner of a Dolly bag (or usually more) says: "You can't have just one!"

And even if it was not handmade, she also loved the kurta I got her!

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  1. The card is so adorable! :) I enjoyed reading your blog today with my cup of tea.


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