Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Reads: Sentinel by Jennifer L Armentrout!

Well, Friday Reads do return to their more usual schedule, with a few posts again, trying to catch up on reviews I have pending after my vacation time!

I'm starting with the final book in the Covenant series. The final book of a series always has mixed feeling and this was no exception.

Sentinel (Covenant, #5)Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sentinel was one of my very awaited books of the year since it is the final book in the Covenant series.

Somehow I am in two minds with this book, because I cannot say I didn't enjoy it, cause I did, but it just left me less emotionally affected than I expected. Deity and Apollyon did manage to grab me and shake much more than this one did, so I guess I felt a lil let down.

Fair word of warning, I cannot review Sentinel in a spoiler free way, be it for the series as a whole or for the book in itself. From here on, spoilers may ensue.

After the emotional and action avalanche that Deity, Elixir and Apollyon were, I had extremely high expectations for Sentinel and probably a bit unrealistic ones. The thing is, nothing really bothered me while reading the book, I loved Alex as always, Aiden was well... swoon-worthy and their relationship was great, they had to deal with tough stuff and they managed to keep the drama to a minimum and set a decent example of communication, most of the time. They found themselves outnumbered but with some unexpected allies and others not-really-so-unexpected.

But once the book was over I felt a little... "meh" I guess? I just don't know how to describe it, and a few days have passed. It's not that I'm not happy with the ending, since Jennifer L Armentrout was kind enough with her readers and gave us a pretty happy ending, even if it seemed it wasn't so for a while. I got a bit of a "is this it?" kind of a feeling once I closed the book.

Since I can't really define what made me not give this book 5 stars, or why I got that feeling of unease upon finishing it, I'm gonna tell you what I liked.

Alex, our dear Alexandria Andros. I absolutely love her crazy headstrong, resilient, snarky and sarcastic self. She is a great main character, with all her flaws and all her great qualities. I love how great her interactions with her uncle are, and how they progressed with each book and how that relationship has changed and how Alex has managed to grow from "foot-in-mouth-talk-first-act-later" to "think-first-kick-later-for-the-most-part".
Her relationship with Seth is an extremely complicated one that clearly got worse when Seth lost track of himself but in the this book we see them both trying to patch up their friendship at least.
But of course my favourite relationship has to be with Aiden, they have a fantastic chemistry, they support each other and despite some drama here and there, they understand they make each other stronger and also learn to trust and respect each other and their choices. They have to be one of my favourite YA couples for sure!
And of course Aiden is quite probably the only one I could feel like I'd really want to claim as book boyfriend! He's strong, supportive, considerate and despite his protectiveness he learns to trust and let Alex make her own choices. I think he's an Alfa without excesive macho attitude and that's just well... swoony!

Sentinel as action, has romance, has humour, has hard choices and has a quite satisfying ending. I'm sad to leave this characters and to say goodbye to Alex and Aiden, but it was a good journey and this is still a series I'd recommend. So with all my confused feelings, I'm still giving this final installment 4 stars.

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  1. Glad you mostly loved it :D Aidan sounds awesome. Sigh. I own all the books; hoping to start reading them soon ;p

    1. Thanks Carina! I hope you'll get to read them and like them!

  2. So... after your warning I couldn't read the full review, but I'm glad you at least enjoyed it!
    I'm scared now! I can't wait to read it, but I don't want to feel disappointed, one of my friends also said it wasn't the best of all.
    Anyway, thanks for this review I can't read :D
    Happy reading!
    Lis @ The reader lines

    1. Sorry, but I felt like the warning was needed to make sure I didn't spoil anything for anyone!
      I did enjoy the book a lot while reading it, it's just that the feeling once it was done wasn't what I was expecting.
      Thank you, Lis!


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