Monday, August 26, 2013

Mark This Book Monday: Reaper's Rythm by Claire Davidson!

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Reaper's RhythmReaper's Rhythm by Clare Marie Davidson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Reaper's Rhythm had a premise intriguing enough with strong hints on the paranormal.

Kim finds her sister dead in their home and it seems that Charley took her own life. Kim doesn't have any memory of her finding Charley and she refuses to believe her older sister took her own life, so despite everything thinking she's just acting out of denial & grief, she starts trying to discover what really happened, and who killed her sister if she didn't commit suicide. Every time she gets closer to get new information, more people are in danger and the stakes get higher.

Reaper's Rhythm bigger strenght are the characters and how raw and believable the interactions, relationships and emotions are. Kim's reactions as well as her family's are so real, you so feel how utterly broken Cherley's suicide has left them.

The mystery bit of the plot, with Kim trying to figure out what really happened worked fairly well, and Claire managed to write a very well rounded and realistic 16-year-old.

The paranormal side of the plot seemed to be the one thing that didn't seem to work for me so well. The way the mystery around Matthew was built and how he kept on witholding information and help on the name of protecting Kim simply ended up annoying me. The revelations at the near end of the book had a few twists here and there and were done nicely, but the paranormal world building was pretty scarce, it might have been done like that since it can be developed more in future books, but it was a bit of a turn off for me.

All in all an entertaining read, but not a gripping one. Final rating 3 stars.

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