Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Technology

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys are having an awesome Thursday! I'm working night shift tonight, so all I'm doing today is mostly being lazy...

For today's Thankful Thursday I wanna say how terribly thankful I have for technology. I'm not gonna go into all the darkness and dangers of being constantly plugged, but I'm gonna highlight some of the great things I find about some of it.

First of all, without the internet, I don't think I would have met my boyfriend. Cause what are the odds of meeting a guy from India that loves Star Wars if not through the official Star Wars message boards? Unlikely doesn't even start to describe it. So yeah, I'm thankful to George Lucas for making the movies and everything that came out of it!

Other technologies I love? Skype, it's just amazing that I can talk to my boyfriend from laptop to laptop on videocall or phone to phone on Skype call, and not having to worry about the humongous phone bill that would accompany it...

Twitter is another new thing I like, I know there are loads of bad things about the darker side of twitter or how inane it can be... but it can also be said about so many other things. I've discovered I like interacting with people on twitter, sellers, crafters, bloggers and most recently, authors. I love the chance to be able to tell an author I've loved their books, and I love getting the updates for sequels and getting a chance to get an ARC or swag from them!

So, thank you human brain that can think of all of this and allows us to be able to interact with others in ways we wouldn't have thought possible a few years back! And thank you, Uncle George!



  1. Awww...I didn't know that was how you guys fun!! Skype is awesome. It is a great way to chat with friends/family who are far!!

  2. Twitter is brilliant for meeting new and like-minded people! Especially when books are involved. I don't think I'd enjoy blogging so much if I couldn't interact with people on social media sites every now and again too. Heck, without technology, I wouldn't even be blogging! ;)


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