Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Online friends

Hello everyone!

Here we are again, and since it's Thursday, it's time to be thankful out loud.

So today my Thankful Thursday is for all my online friends.

It's so incredible that I've met so many amazing people through the internet, first though the Star Wars message boards, where even more than anyone, I met my boyfriend! And then, unexpectedly enough, I met handmade crafters and sellers through eBay when I started buying handmade. After joining a pair of handmade & crafting forums some of those sellers have become actual friends I keep in touch with, cause they're not only extremely talented artists but also awesome people!

If you want to meet quite a lot of them, do check out the Attack of the Craft boards! Thank you for being there Cindy, Kim, Lex, Ranon, Brooke, Mara, Ky, Maria, Deanna, Jamie, Cheri, Jinx, Andreanna, Nixx, Nicoles, Amber, Marykitten and Marycakes and everyone else, I love you loads!

And I want to give a special mention to two friends that I've met through the crafters, Etsy and became friends on Facebook: Marie-Helene, my dear fellow mad bookwork from Canada; and Deb, amazingly talented artist and my beloved taste twin! I love you guys!

So, thank you, Universe for putting such great people on my way to meet!


  1. so thankful for you as well! <3

  2. I love you lots Pili! You are such an amazing woman and an inspiration. Big huge hugs!

  3. We love you too, Pili!!! Internet friends are the BEST friends ****HUGS****

  4. I am definitely thankful that the internet makes it possible to connect with so many different people (and all over the world). I love all the friends I've made! :)

  5. Internet is a magical thing. Connects you with people all over the world within a second. It really is a gain in my life and I am glad to find so many lovely people in the internet.


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