Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Shots: Cupcakes inspired by Incarnate and Asunder by Jodi Meadows!

Hey there guys!

Hope you're having a good Sunday! I'm back from work and I'm gonna spend what's left of my afternoon and evening being lazy and reading!

Today for Sunday Shots I'm gonna share the other half of the cupcakes I was so inspired to create on Thursday.

I got the idea of creating some cupcakes inspired by the New Soul series by Jodi Meadows, Incarnate & Asunder, and I was even more inspired and had more ideas right off the start for these than for the Defiance ones. I just had to look at the covers for a bit and check a few things to see if my memory of the scenes was right to start working on what I wanted for each cupcake!

Butterflies are an important part of the imaginery of the book, since they represent Anna, the main character, and her possible ephimeral lifetime compared to the others inhabitants of Heart.

I chose the cupcake liners cause I thought the fit the mood of the books' covers.

I managed to add different colours to the buttercream by using colorants in the piping bag, and the colours are also inspired on both books covers.

Cover colours piping, with a piano keyboard, since Dossam is a musician, and it's Anna's first instrument to try and love. I modelled the keyboard from scratch, so it was a bit of job, and it shows that is not as perfect as I would have liked.

Covered in white fondant, with white walls (I didn't have a brick rolling pin, so I used a basket weave I do have) and the red heart to represent the weird white walls with a heartbeat of Heart.

And the two roses, the blue (purple) one to represent the New Souls and the Phoenix (red) ones to represent the Old/Dark Souls. This is from book two.

All in all, it was quite a bit of work, but I did enjoy myself immensely making them! So much, that I'm already planning making more book inspired cupcakes!


  1. Pili these are absolutely beautiful! Amazing job!!

  2. I haven't read Asunder, but I read Incarnate a while back. These fit the tone of the book perfectly. You are super talented, Pili! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Thanks for all the compliments, Deanna, Ky and Sam!

  4. PILI!! YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE OF THESE SO I CAN DROOL OVER THEM!! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOUR CUPCAKES! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TALENTED GIRL!! Can you tell my level of excitement from all the caps? ;) But seriously, make some more. Pwetty pwease! They are the bomb dot com!!

    1. Thank you so much Becca! I'm seriously blushing now!
      I pretty promise I will be making more next month!

    2. Haha good! You deserve to blush, because these are so awesome! Your talent level is seriously off the charts!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next. Any idea on what book you will be doing next?

    3. I'll probably be doing either Infinite, Splintered & Unhinged and The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare... or maybe all of them in the same day! =D

    4. Oooh those sound like fab choices!!! I'm counting down the seconds until you do them ;)

    5. I'll let you know when they're up on the blog, hopefully at some point next month!


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