Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Munchies: Alma's Cupcakes!

Hello everyone! A short (and sweet) blog entry for today! I work a double shift, so after working morning shift, I need to have a decent nap before going back to work night shift. And since last week has been pretty busy too, I have no entry ready, no recipe and no book...

So I decided to do a different sort of Monday Munchies entry! I'm sharing a blog and a website that you all need to know! Alma's Cupcakes and Objetivo Cupcakes! Both are the brain (& hand) child of Alma, an amazing Spanish lady even more obsessed with cupcakes than I am, and that is a total pro at them! She's such a pro, that she's offering courses/workshops and I've signed up for the beginners one in November (rest assured, there'll be a blog entry about it for sure!).

Most of her recipes are in Spanish, but she also has a good number of them in English, so check out both her website & blog! Her recipes are amazing, and all her info has helped me locate supplies that won't cost an arm & a leg to ship! Yay for cupcakes boxes in Madrid!

And since I can't write a blog entry without photos, here you can see my latest cupcake sucesses!

Green Tea cupcakes, recipe from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World"

Mojito cupcakes, recipe from Heaven Is A Cupcake!


  1. Yuuummmmmm!!! Those look so good!

  2. OMG, vegan cupcakes are something I must try. Good stuff that I have green tea powder too!! :D

    Oh, I would love to know some serious Spanish food recipe. I think they are amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing the recipes!

  3. So pretty! Fit so nice with your hair and your blouse.


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