Friday, January 1, 2010

Wicked Bad Naughty Glass!!

Happy New Year!

And as my first blog entry of the new year 2010 I decided that it should be about Angie from WickedBadNaughty and her amazing glass art!

Angie is one of the many amazing ladies I've met in DIYscene, and she is a very talented artist! She makes stained glass necklaces, magnets and even tiles! And she also makes stunning flamework beads for jewellery!

Her talent and how she shapes glass leaves me truly breathless!! Working with glass is something I always found fascinating, and a glass artisan that makes beautiful art from a shapeless blob is truly talented in my view!

My first purchase from Angie was a set of four glass magnets that I split into two sets to give to a pair of friends of mine who had recently got their own homes! Both of them were stunned with the magnets and they're now displayed proudly in their fridges, make sure they're high enough to not be knocked down my pets or lil people!

With that order Ang was super nice to include a necklace she made for me, a Psycho Kitty made after my own nickname! (if you are wondering about it and my mental health... well, let's just say I'm a kitty with a bad temper ;) ). It's a beautiful pieces of gorgeous blue (my favourite colour) glass with a kitty wearing a collar with a P. Certainly has become one of my favourite pieces!

Her glass pendants are so beautiful that I had to get myself a pair more, so I ended up getting a lime green butterfly and a grey Egyptian bust! Truly gorgeous pieces! The lime green butterfly I wore for this year's work Christmas dinner, and got loads of compliments from my co-workers!

She's planning to make a whole line of glass pendants with Alice In Wonderland characters, that I just can't wait to see ( and probably buy a few!) but if you wanna take a look at a sneak peek, the first piece, a White Rabbit, is available at the DIYscene's charity shop!

And though I don't have a place of my own, and doesn't seem too probable that I'll have one any time soon, I got myself a gorgeous trio of glass magnets! With the same artwork, but in different colours, and they look absolutely stunning together!

If you're looking for something unique either for your fridge or your neck, I can recommend you check her amazing Etsy shop, where you can find even work-badge holsters!


  1. I love Angie's work. Those magnets are fab!I wish I had a magentic fridge or a bigger magnetic board I would totally get some.

  2. Angie's stuff is amazing! My only problem is that the glass looks kind of like candy... I'm always tempted to stick my necklace in my mouth!

  3. Awww...Thank you so much for writing such a great blog and including my work in it, Pilli! That really means a lot to me when people love and enjoy the art that I create. It's just the icing on the cake to me. Thank You so much. };D

    xoxo, Angie

  4. The kitty came out fabulous! Angie's work is always top-notch.


  5. Great article. I love her work.


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