Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shopping Handmade: Secret Santa for Al

Hello everyone!

Having a good Saturday? I've arrived home only a lil while ago, after going to Madrid with my friends to see the Christmas lights (a bit late, you might think, but we have still presents day on Jan 6th, so Christmas holidays are still not over), and we did a bit of walking around, some picture taking and some eating around!

We also exchanged gifts, since we had set up a Secret Santa (we call it the Invisible Friend over here) among us four. I got my friend Al, and I went the handmade route to keep with my ongoing resolution of buying as much handmade as possible!

Since he works in a bank, I decided to get him a tie, but I didn't want a boring store-bought tie, and upon Amber from RockerByeBaby recommendation, I went to RokGear's Etsy shop, and found that I really had some issues choosing just one! I was lucky and scored an amazing periwinkle tie that was on sale (which mean I could get another gift, and not just one!).

Al really liked the colour and the design, and the fact that it is hand-printed, he says he can't wait till he can show it off at work!

For my next gift I was looking for something B&B related, cause he's one of those guys that likes taking care of his looks, and is one of the few straight guys I know that uses a moisturizer daily! So, I got him a Shaving Gift Set from Red Leaf. It includes After-Shave lotion, Shaving soap and a super cool chrome stand to keep the soap! They offered good variety of scents, and I chose Black Tea, and wow, it does smell great!

This, once again, he liked a lot, kept on sniffing everything and already put some of the after-shave lotion on his face to see how it felt! I suspect he'll ask me to get him more once he runs out of it!

I really like the scent, so I might get Gaurav a set too, with the Black Tea scent or the English coast one... or both!

See you later, with the Sunday Shots!


  1. I like that tie! If Gerg wore ties, he would totally rock the Roc Gear!

    And do you like those bath and body stuff from Red Leaf for you, or have you not tried it yet? I have them hearted, and I was wondering....

  2. Gaurav ain't a tie man either...

    I haven't tested the stuff myself, but I'll hear from my friend once he uses it, scent wise they're amazing though. If Al likes it, I'll get a set for Gaurav to try AND review for our blog...

  3. I love that tie!!

    I also love "Invisible Friend." That just sounds more fun than Secret Santa! :)

  4. Well - I think I might move to Europe :) The Netherlands has their "Christmas" on Dec. 6 I believe, and if you have it on Jan. 6, we could have Christmas for a month!! WOOHOO!!
    Have a wonderful Presents Day!

  5. That tie is gorgeous! I wish Micah liked ties....maybe I should put them on in his sleep!


  6. A very happy New Year Pili! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too.
    W is Jewish (and I am Buddhist!! LOL) so we didn't exchange lots of gifts as such but we had his family over and ate lots of wonderful food ;)
    I love the ties. W is very fussy about this "looks" so I can only get him casual clothing... Men!
    Hope 2010 will bring you lots of happiness, health and productivity to you!
    *big hugs*

  7. Nice tie! It's boring to see guys wearing the same plain/striped ties everywhere. This is really awesome..the color and the print. Not to mention, it's hand-printed!

    You're such a darling friend, always putting so much thoughts into choosing the perfect gift for your loved one. :)

    Have a sweeeet day, my sweet friend~



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