Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Náyade's Birthday!

Hi there!

As I said on yesterday's blog, during my lunch with friends I gave to two of them their b-day presents, Esther's presents were a lil belated, and Náyade's are a lil early, but since she lives in Italy and her b-day is in February, I don't know when will I be able to give them to her, and I don't trust the Italian post!

So, there she was opening her b-day presents almost like they were her Christmas ones! ;)

I got her a super cute Moo Cow iPhone pouch from the amazing Allie from alliebeans that she loves to bits! She loves everything cow-related, cow-print (much like the amazing Sheika from OMGcow!) and since her iPhone is at the doc (being repaired) she decided to start using it for her camera!

Her second present is a set of sample sized, anti-aging, facial care from SkinJourney. Since she's the first one of us to turn 30 next year (February being her month) I decided to get her this set. I'm already using a pair of SkinJourney's serums that I love, and will be reviewing on the Two Girls blog some time next year (hey, it's just tomorrow now!).

She liked the idea a lot, and was reading the recommendations for use of each of the different products. I just need to hear from her how she likes everything! ;)

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you'll have a great time celebrating today!!
I'll have a quiet New Year's Eve, dinner with the family and maybe movie night after eating the grapes at midnight! (Spanish tradition).

I'll see you in 2010 with a new blog entry! =D


  1. You're such a good friend! That cow iPhone cover is sooo cute!

  2. So awesome!!! Great find on the cow cover! She looks so happy!


  3. What great presents!! Our youngest has his birthday on Dec. 26 - so he basically has Christmas two days in a row :)
    He just turned 18, so now apparently he is a responsible adult. Hmmmmm.

    I hope you have an awesome and productive 2010!!
    Happy New Year!


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