Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shopping Handmade: Diaper Bag & Matching Blanket!

Long time no blog! At least not one about handmade goodies!

After quite some good use, the Dolly's diaper bag I got for Dee was ready to be retired for another one, and this time I decided I'd let Dee decide which fabric she'd what. And I asked Dolly if she could make the strap an adjustable one. She managed fabulously and made a lovely bag, that Dee and Ravi loved!

Shortly after ordering the bag, I saw in Amber's shop: RockerByeBaby, a lovely blanket in the very same fabric that Dee had chosen for her bag, and I thought, that it'd be a wonderful set if I could get not only the bag, but the blanket and a bib and burp cloth set! I asked Amber, and she was more than happy to make the set for me!

So, here you can see not only a very happy Dee & Ravi with their new diaper bag, but also a very happy baby Rudra, enjoying his newest blanket!

Keep tuned for some blogs coming next week, including the Sunday photos feature!


  1. Sweet bag! And I'll take the baby, kthxbai.

  2. awe.... what a sweetie!! Thanks for the post!


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