Saturday, April 4, 2009

Warning!: Custom Creation from the Label!

Finally! Time and energy to write a new blog entry!

I have been planning to write this entry since Tuesday, when I got my very awesome bag from the amazing Jamie of Warning Label Creations, but first, I wasn't too keen on the pics I had taken, and then my camera's battery died, and I had a few very tiring days at work... So the blog entry got delayed till today, my first and only "sort of" day off this week (I worked last night, so today doesn't really count as day off).

After getting my gorgeous clutch from her, I saw a bag browsing Etsy made with Alexander Henry's Inked Tattoo Girls fabric, and fell in love with the fabric! But I had seen Jamie's new style of bag, and thought that combining her new style with this fabric would be a win-win situation! I asked Jamie and she agreed with me, and got onto working on my newest custom bag (it's my fourth bag made with a fabric bought from Lucky Kaeru Fabrics, and now I have an eye on some of her fabrics for a few pillows).

Here you can see my new beautiful bag! Inked Tattoo Girls, with the most perfect fabric placement, with red piping and black fabric for contrast, and the CUTEST skullie appliqué in pink leopard, that is the perfect unique touch for it!

After a few fights with my camera, I opted for this self-picture, kindly edited by Gaurav to try and fix a bit the colours and other general issues, cause this was the only photo where I liked how I look like, though the bag looked great in all the others too!

So, now you know that Jamie not only makes awesome bags, but can also create that perfect custom bag for you!


  1. It looks so great with you, Pili!

  2. this makes me even more excited to finish my project for a swap we worked out so i can get my own warning label bag!

    that bag looks awesome! i love the little pink leopard skull :)

  3. Jamie makes freaking AWESOME bags...I can't wait to have one of my very own Warning Label creations! };)

  4. Thanks a lot girls!

    Yes, everyone needs a Warning Label Bag! ;)

  5. Wow I love that bag but especially that awesome fabric!! I love Alexander Henry's fabrics sew much and they have great quality!

  6. Thank you Sandee!

    I love Alexander Henry's fabrics too! And this one was perfect for the bag I had in mind!

    Both the bag & the fabric are perfect for each other!

  7. Oh, I know what you mean. Sometimes life just goes by so quickly and I get so surprised how many days I haven't blogged :D
    Look at the bag! Is it really handmade? How wonderful. I totally agree that the fabric placement is spot on!


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