Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Song: The Blood of Cuchulainn from the Boondock Saints Soundtrack!

Hello everyone!

I have been fooling around all day, doing nothing much other than doing most of the packing for my trip and thinking I need a bigger suitcase. I was thinking that I wanted to share some music with you lot but wasn't sure what, till listening to the Dropkick Murphys made me think of the right song!

For today's Saturday Song I want to share a song from the Boondock Saints soundtrack, called "The Blood of Cuchulainn" that made me shiver and want to move to Ireland! Sometimes the Irish music has that effect on me, I have no idea why, but I feel really pulled towards Ireland!

Here it is, enjoy!

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  1. I have to admit that I'm a little annoyed by this movie anymore, due to the EXTREME popularity it's gained in the last few years ( a friend and I were obsessed with this movie YEARS ago, and no one ever knew what we were talking was ours, you know?! Then suddenly- BAM! YEARS AFTER it came out, Hot Topic got a hold of it and now EVERYONE and their mom thinks it's "like, the best movie EVA!" If I see one more Boondock Saints tattoo, I may scream. Ahem. ANYway.... ;D ), but I always thought this song was AMAZING. I wanted to find it, but at the time, it just didn't seem to be out there :( And then one day, a co-worker brought me a CD he'd made for me of songs we loved. The first track? This song. Oh, yes. I'm so glad someone else loves it as much as I do! And I totally understand about the "feeling" with this's just.... wow.

    Longest comment EVER, haha :)


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