Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Feature: Alma's Cupcakes: Romantic Cupcakes Workshop!

Brrrrr! How's everyone doing? How are my fellow Europeans under the Siberian cold wave? So far here, as in Alcalá and Madrid there's no snow, only cold, and today it's less windy, so it seems less cold than yesterday. Still, a good day to not go out much, but if you have the busiest day, socially speaking, of the last month, it's time to wear warm coat, mittens, scarf and hat!

Today for Friday Feature I wanna share the photos of the other Cupcakes workshop I did last Friday, again with Alma's Cupcakes, the same awesome lady from the beginner's workshop I did on November. This time the workshop was to decorate romantic cupcakes very fitting for the approaching date of V-day. Alma gave us a dossier with recipes and tricks, sharing her new recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes, and then while the cupcake were baking, it was time to start making the decorations!

As in the beginners workshop we started using paste colours and sugar paste/fondant to achieve the colours we want to use for our decorations, using 1/3 of the fondant we were given, and reserving the rest for later.

We learnt to make fondant roses by hand, that are absolutely lovely, quite a bit of work, even more the tiny ones, but also very relaxing! For some reason you completely focus on rolling the fondant and cutting and all that, and your mind completely relaxes and stops going in circles! We made a bow by hand too, used silicone moulds again, and I very happily discovered a brand of fondant that doesn't stick to them as much!

Alma also taught us how to cover a cupcake with fondant and then apply decorations to it, and also, how to use food grade stencils with lustre dust on fondant to create loads of lovely shapes! Using them totally inspired me to work on some awesome St Patrick's Day cupcakes next month! I already ordered the stencils from a pair of webpages in the US, and I'm currently waiting for them to arrive!

The fondant bow, a heart covered with flowers, a silicon mold rose and stenciled cupcake! 

The six cupcakes we decorated and took home!

Tiny fondant roses bouquet (I saved this one, couldn't eat it!)

Bigger roses, with 3 and 5 petals, another one I couldn't eat!

The leaves were made with texturized fondant cutters (that I need!)

Fondant covered cupcakes, with flowers and hearts made with fondant cutters

Next, swirly rose made with buttercream, and fondant rose made with a silicon mold and covered with a wee bit too much edible sparkly dust!

Swirly fondant rose, and on top fondant with a design done using stencils, I love that technique! 

And the fondant bow, used textures and the cut it and shaped it by hand!

I had such a blast with Alma, and her helper, her mom! They both are amazing, so nice, so kind and so funny! Doing workshops with them is always a joy! And that's why the spots for their workshops are gone within less than an hour of being available! Next, I want to attend the workshop for Children oriented decorations! Let's see if I'm fast enough when they come out!

Thank you Alma and Ratatouille for an amazing time, and thanks to my fellow workshop attendees, we found zen on making fondant roses!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Your roses look amazing! Fondant roses were my favorite to make.

  2. Those are beautiful Pili! I think I would have a hard time eating them too haha

  3. Wow, they look so pretty!! Great job! Too beautiful to eat, I think! Jonna xx


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