Thursday, January 19, 2012

Traveling Thursday: Scotland, part 1: Edinburgh!!

Hey there everyone! This week I'm a bit more motivated to blog, so I'm keeping up a bit better with my blogging.

Today's Traveling Thursday is gonna be part 1 of a series of 3! I want to share photos of my trip to Scotland in 2006, and even though I didn't visit as many places as I wanted, I want to share many of the photos  I took with you guys!

Back in 2006 one of my best friends since childhood was living in Edinburgh to improve her English, so in July I used my vacation time to spend a week there with her! Today's photos are from Edinburgh itself, and in the weeks to come I'll share some photos of Rosslyn Chapel and Stirling and the Wallace Monument.

 Patri and me in Victoria Street

 With the Bobby dog

 Braveheart Cow! Freedoooooom!

 Carlton Hill

 Edinburgh city centre

 A view of Edinburgh from  Carlton Hill

 Going up to Carlton Hill and the view!

 Yep, that's a Vader tee I'm wearing, yep, total geek!

 A flower clock in the park at the centre of Edinburgh

At the entrance to Edinburgh castle, we wanted a pic with men in kilts!


  1. Oh I love Edinburgh! I want to go back!

    I went with a group of friends and my boyfriend and we stayed in one of the Youth Hostels there (YHA) and it was amazing - much more modern than most YHA hostels!

    I live in the North-west of England so I'm not too far away, I really must go back!

    Laura xx

  2. Beautiful! I would love to go to Scotland!

  3. Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. Gosh your picture reminded me of my visit over 15 years ago with my mum when she was still quite healthy :D
    I would love to go back there. Such wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. ;)

  4. What gorgeous pictures! I would love to visit Scotland someday.

  5. You have been everywhere! You seem like you'd be so much fun to travel with too. That's it, I'm coming over. Pack your bags, we're going around the world together. ;-)~

    Also, I LOVE the Vader tee.

  6. Hello from Scotland! I just stumbled across your blog and it's so nice to see your lovely photos and know that you had a great time here : ) Love the look of the cupcakes in the next post too!


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