Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Munchies: En Ocasiones Veo Cupcakes Workshop!

Hey everyone!

How's Monday going? Mine's pretty lazy so far... haven't done much aside from taking and editing a few photos, and watching some Bones.

Today for Monday Munchies I'm not exactly sharing a recipe, but I'm sharing some yummy photos of one of the two cupcake workshops I attended last week!

Somehow through Facebook I stumbled upon this amazing lady, Gloria, from En Ocasiones Veo Cupcakes that happens to live and run workshops in Alcalá, where I live! I was soooo excited!  So, when she offered a flowers cupcakes workshop, I signed up immediately! Also, very good news is that the places where she organizes the workshops is inside a shop that sells baking supplies! So, after the workshop, you can stock up on things you need, as I did!

I went to this workshop right after working night shift, and with quite a cold and a raspy throat, but even if I should have been feeling super tired and sleepy and like crap... I didn't! Gloria brought some absolutely awesome Violet Cupcakes to start the morning, and since it was just two of us in this particular workshop, it was more of a one on one class! 

I had an absolutely amazing time, and finally managed to get the hang of the damned sillicon molds for the fondant! I loved this workshop, and I can't wait to enroll in another one! Next time, I'm aiming at her Decorated Cookies one! Hopefully I won't do another night shift - workshop day and can remember to take a pic with Gloria! Thank you, Gloria!


  1. oh my goodness! this blog post totally made me drool! :)

  2. Amazing and beautiful! Too good to eat ;)

  3. Looks so beautiful and delicious! You made them only in the first workshop. Lovely!


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