Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Munchies: Cottage Cheese Tiramisu

Good Monday everyone!

Days get a bit muddled when you're on vacation, but since the bf isn't I still know what day of the week I live in, even if he had to go to work yesterday, when it was a Sunday to show and discuss a presentation with his boss.

Today, I am sharing a super easy and delicious recipe, to make Monday a much bearable day. This one is an absolute favourite in my house, and the absolute winner when a dessert is requested. Just be warned, this tiramisu is NOT your regular tiramisu, it's even easier to make, but equally delicious! And even those that aren't big fans of cheese will love it!

Cottage Cheese Tiramisu


- ½ kg cottage cheese

- 100 gr confectioners sugar

- 1 vanilla pod

- 200 gr sponge biscuits or ladyfingers

- 4 egg whites

- Pinch of salt

- A few drops of lemon juice

- 3 dl of black coffee

- 10 gr cocoa


- Mix the cottage cheese in a bowl with half the confectioners sugar till creamy and without lumps. Cut the vanilla pod open and add the seeds to the cheese and mix well.

- In another bowl beat the egg whites with the lemon & salt until fluffy, when the peaks start to form, add the rest of the confectioners sugar. You can use a whisk or electric mixer, though I recommend the electric mixer, for your hands sake!

- Fold the egg whites with the cheese mix carefully till well blended and reserve in the fridge.

- Pour the black coffee in a low & wide bowl and dip each sponge biscuit/ladyfinger quickly (make sure you don’t over do it, they could break). Place them lined in the bottom of a deep baking pan till you’ve covered all the bottom.

- Spread on top of them a layer of the cheese mix, on top of it another layer of dipped in coffee sponge biscuits, and to top it off a final layer of the cheese mix.

- Cover it with cling film and refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour.

- Sift the cocoa on top of it when you’re going to serve it. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds delish! I love trying new dishes and this one is definitely going on my list :) Best, Cat

  2. adding to my holiday "gotta try it list" -- sounds scrumptious!

  3. Oh yeah, I'm trying this. Yum!

  4. i may have to try this! sounds intriguing.... :)

  5. Love that this recipe is simpler than traditional Tiramisu, but more tasty! Must try this one, for sure!

  6. OMG...I'm drooling right now. This sounds so good!!

  7. That looks and sounds amazing! I've been eating entirely too many sweets lately, and it's still completely tempting. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Hi Pili!
    Wow! I have never thought of using cottage cheese for Tiramisu but I can see it's a good combo!
    AAAwwww I crave for one now! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe!

  9. i wish i liked coffee but i don't =(
    maybe i will try it without it!


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