Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Cupcake Moon!!

Hello there!

Middle of the regular work week, not so much for those like me that have an irregular schedule, but a Wednesday is a Wednesday!

This week has been pretty awesome, package wise, on Monday I got two packages, and on Tuesday I got another two! So, after taking a few pictures today, I'm ready to write a few blog entries this week!

My first entry is gonna be about the brilliant Deb from On Cupcake Moon and the address labels she made for me! (and all the lil extras I got on my package!). I met them through the amazing Rhi from Rocky The Zombie. Both Deb & me share a love for Rhi's amazing zombie guys and also have the same size, so if we put together all out RTZ goodies, it'd be quite impressive I'm sure!

Deb has always loved to draw, so she's always been an artist! She decided to create her own line of cards, invitations and everything else that came into her mind, with her own kind of quirky, whimsy & cute! With cupcakes, skulls & all naughty & nice things!

In her Etsy shop, you can find super cute invitation sets (for b-day, baby showers...), blank notecards and even cupcake wrappers! But they're only a small sample of all the goodness that you can find on her website! From a wider variety of all sorts of invitations to address labels, from gift tags to her art prints! And if you want some of her designs in other than paper, she also has a Cafepress shop where you can get her fabulous designs on a hoodie, a clock or a mug! (I am waiting for my Skully cupcake mug, hurry up Cafepress!).

And, if all that wasn't enough, Deb has a blog where every Friday she shares her favourite picks on Etsy, and has the best way to star the week with her Monday recipes! From super delicious, even sinful, desserts, to super healthy dishes!

You wanna see what I got on the mail on Tuesday? Three sheets of address labels! Every time I send a package to the nieces, or my bf, and even MORE during sending cards season, I get soooo tired of writing my own address in the return, and when she said she did custom address labels, with whatever design you chose, and with your choice of her fonts, I knew I had to do it! I chose my favourite design of hers, the skull cupcake, and in a super fast exchange of e-mails with her, my custom design was ready and in the mail, in a total of 24 hours tops! (including time differences, since Deb & me are in way different time zones!).

Not only I got my super cute address labels, but as a treat, Deb sent me some super cute blank cards, with again the oh-so-cute Skull Cupcake! This cards are soooo super cute, that I intend to keep one for myself as is, and use the rest!

Oh, and another treat she sent me, a super cute magnetic 2010 calendar with a few of her characters, ain't it cuter than cute?

If you have a family event, and you want cute but not Hallmark style invitations, check out Deb's shop, I'm sure you'll find something you'll like! And she's right now having a superb offer on her Etsy shop, with free address labels with any set of cards!


  1. you are simply wonderful!!! thank you so very much for taking the time to do this blog post about me. i am very happy you love them enough to write about them!!! =) xoxo

  2. Damn they're soooo cute! I'm gonna have to stock up on some when I do my next order for 'packing stufffss'!

  3. I love that design! I'm going to order some labels as soon as I move. Great feature and I love all the extras you got! Deb's pretty awesome! :)

  4. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I have just discovered your blog, and I love it! Am your newest follower, and have just put your button on my blog. :D I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

  5. Super cute!! You always have the best etsy finds!

  6. These are adorable.. not to mention the many other super cute freebies you received. Wow! I can't agree more with Ink Obesession Designs, you always got the best etsy finds.


  7. Those are just too cute!! Can't wait to see what your other packages are. It's so much fun going to the mail and getting something other than bills :)

  8. She does such lovely work! The skull cupcake cards are cute enough to frame, and I love the fact that she offers unique return address labels. Originality is something I just love to see. Yet again, you've impressed me with your uncanny ability to find amazing artists!

  9. Hi Pili!
    So cute. Now that I am into baking, these cards are really great. Perfect gift for baking lovers :D

  10. How fun! I love the name of her shop!

  11. Her designs are awesome! Especially the cupcake I love it :)

  12. ¡Chulísimas las tarjetas! Vengo a decirte, que las teteras están ya en Etsy, y que las publiqué ayer en el blog :P ¡Besitos!

  13. ¡Vale! ¡Ahora vengo a decirte que mañana mismo te hago el envío! Jajaja :) ¡Muchas gracias!


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