Monday, May 3, 2010

Inverness Studios!!

Monday is here, and it's almost over again, and it meant going back to work after a breather for me, a very well deserved one, I'd say too!

And to get my mind off work, I'm gonna do another blog entry, and hopefully I'll manage to somewhat keep up the blogging the rest of the week!

Everyone that is even a casual reader of this blog would not that I'm an AVID reader, a proper bookworm and a book hogger! Or, how Dusty from Inverness Studios would call it, bibliophiles!

Dusty's shop, Etsy's Inverness Studios, is full of great gift ideas for any book lover, or for yourself, if you are one! From bookmarks to jewelry made out of recycled books, to a brilliant idea: reading pillows!

You may wonder, what's a reading pillow? They are awesome handmade lap pillows, with the perfect size to hold all sizes of books, from paperback to hardback and they can also double as travel pillows!

I had been thinking of the fact of getting one, since I do read a lot in bed and in the sofa, and it gets tiring to hold a book for hours, and once Dusty listed two pillows with two absolutely amazing fabrics (Cupcakes & Chinese Food!) I decided that I really HAD to get them!

She sent both pillows vacuum sealed, which helps cutting down on the shipping (which is always good!) and it was quite funny see the pillows go back to their regular size and fluffiness once you open the bags they were sealed in!

And aside from sending some candy and business cards, she also sent some bookmarks/business cards that I won't be giving away, cause they fit perfectly in the pockets that the pillows have, so you'll always have a bookmark handy!

She recommends use for hardback books, cause that's the way the rubber bands hold the book better, and allow you a more comfortable reading, but I've discovered that you can also read paperbacks using one of the rubber bands and one of the fabric straps, and works pretty well too!

These pillows also have a handle on their top, so can carry them around more easily, and since they are a really nice size & can double as travel pillows, you can take them with you on planes, trains, buses, etc! Although on flights, it might count as carry on... Personally, I don't plan on taking them with me on flights, but on bus/train trips, I do! Perfect to read during the trip AND take a nap when you fancy it!

If you love books & reading, you do need at least one of these! Since the first moment I tried them, I'm in love and will recommend them to all my friends who love to read!


  1. they are such a great idea, beautiful fabrics too :D

  2. Lovely idea! Thanks for the link! I just hope no one snags the one I want before Thursday!! ;)

    Love ya, Pili!

  3. These are too cool! I love the fabrics you selected too. I'm happy you took pics of the packaging, I enjoy seeing how other sellers send their items.

  4. Thank you so much for this write up on my pillowa, I was so excited to see it. I love your blog and the pictures.

  5. I'm going to have to get some of these!

  6. your cupcake pillow is too cute!!! they would make such a great gift for my bookworm sister. i bookmarked dusty's store a while ago for that reason! =)

  7. one more thing, pili... since i know we're the same size i may have to borrow some of your hoodies! ;)

  8. I love her pillows, I need to get one soon!!

  9. WOW! Never heard of such a pillow. This is really great! And thanks for the last picture of you using the pillow because I was wondering how to use it! ;)

  10. I absolutely love the idea. What a wonderful cushion. It would be totally ideal for me to have my knitting stitch book and knit.


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