Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Shots: Week 34

What a week!

Finally Sunday, and I haven't really had the energy or motivation to do much... The week has been pretty busy at work, I've been getting a good number of packages in the mail (YAY!) and today I've been getting ready to send a pair of packages with presents for the family abroad, as well as the Christmas cards!

I'm hoping to take a few more pics tomorrow, since I have the day off (remember what I say about no Monday blues for nurses?) ;) and since I've decided to make the switch to shooting RAW and developing the photos on Lightroom, my editing process will slow down till I get the hang of it.

My Sunday Shot this week was not the one I had intended at first but something I managed to take after my camera scare today and my first Lightroom edit! And G's shot is a good reflection of the highlight of the week in Winsconsin!

And I leave you with these, hopefully some more blog entries next week!


  1. Love the pics! The snow is so pretty, and are those veins in the other one? I think it sounds wonderful to have Mondays off. I've been told many times that I'd make a good nurse, because I'm really caring. But I'm also very squeamish, so I just don't think that would work out. Enjoy your day off!

  2. Yup, those are veins! That shot is a bit of a "guess what it is?" sort of pic ;)

    Being squeamish is not ideal for being a nurse, but I'm sure you are a brilliant teacher!! Being caring is important for a teacher too!

  3. beautiful photos... the snow one has something peaceful solitude and magical about it. Those are veins... hehe! I'm was thinking of being a nurse but decided to go to be a med tech =D

  4. I love that snow pic...that is beautiful!

    Is the second pic an arm? It definitely is a "guess what it is" type of pic!! :)

  5. I love the snow pics! Pls do more snow shots for your little friend here who doesn't get snows in her country! :) My guessing for the second pic is a hand. hee.. so I was half correct.

    You know what, the both of you - Holly and Pili, one teacher and one nurse. You both rock my world!


  6. Such an intriguing skin photo! It has such a sense of mystery about it... I can't figure out if it is a wrist / forearm area, or perhaps a foot / ankle region?

    Really stunning edit. I find photography to be the most challenging / frustrating part of my job -- the photos rarely, if ever, materialize into my idea of perfection, so it is wonderful and inspiring when I find truly lovely photos. Maybe there's hope for me, yet! (grin)



  7. Well, Natasha did get it, it's my ankle!

    And I have to say that the photos of your pieces are really nice too!

    With photography what it happens is that sometimes you nail the picture just out of the camera, and other times you feel like turning the photo into something other with some editing!

    Thank you for all the positive comments!!


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