Monday, September 21, 2009

My Vampire Obsession: True Blood

As of late I've been a wee bit obsessed with vampires... at first it started very reticently with the Twilight series, and it's become borderline serious with True Blood the tv show, and the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris that are the source and inspiration for said show.

I watched the first season of the show first, and then started reading the books, but I have to say, that as usual, I prefer the books to the show, though I can't wait to see Season Two, if only to see more of Eric Northman!

Searching through Etsy and in the DIYscene street team, I've found a few very awesome items, I really wanted to share with you!:

The Bag With A Bite: Eric Northman cameo bag by Warning Label:

I'm totally in love with this bag, not only because it's awesome, but also cause it features my favourite character in the series, Vampire Eric the Viking!

Custom Cameo Bag also by Warning Label:

You can choose whatever image you want in the cameo, and here you can see probably the most recognizable image of the show.

Fangtasia Resin Stretch Bracelet by Lunaricsales:

Absolutely awesome bracelet to show off the most well known vampire bar!

Fangs & Fangtasia necklaces also by Lunaricsales:

Amazing resin & beaded necklaces, matching the bracelet, to complete your fangbanger look!

4 mini bookmarks by The Blue Forest:

For all of you who are engrossed reading the books and need matching bookmarks!

Eric Northman hairclip or brooch by MTcoffins:

A stylish way of having Eric near you!

Eric Northman Notebook Cover by CDChyld:

What better way to cheer up while in class than looking at our favourite viking?

Bad Things Mug by Maid Of Clay:

Now that's an interesting way of waking up in the morning and serve yourself some... coffee?

True Blood Pleather Choker by Cinderellascache:

Another different way to show off your love for vampires!

And you can find many more searching True Blood on Etsy, but those are my favourites!


  1. lolol great picks... Hmm I read the books but never seen the show... I think the Eric actor was in a Lady Gaga mtv lolol. =X

  2. I have heard so many good things about the True Blood series- both the books and the shows. This is definitely something I'm interested in, especially since I've been known to be a bit vampire-obsessed myself. You picked such cool items for this feature too! Lunaricsales always does awesome work, and I LOVE the mug! You're so cool, Pili! ♥

  3. I love the books more than the tv show, but I think they nailed the cast for Eric! ;)

    And Holly, you really need to give these books a try, I've literally devoured them!

  4. Thank you for including my Pleather True Blood choker. Love vampires and Love True Blood.

  5. If you love your vampire dramas, check out , a Twitter account that automatically updates with all the breaking news regarding "True Blood," the "Twilight" Saga, and "Vampire Diaries." Actually, this fan site w/ True Blood merch was one of the updates sent to VampirePulse!

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  6. Thanks for including my notebook cover :D
    Those are all great items. I really like that coffee cup too :D

  7. I have both seasons of "True Blood" recorded, and waiting for me to find the time to enjoy them! How sad is that? Very fun selection, I partucularly dig the mug! Maybe after I see the series, I'll need some of these goodies!


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