Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lisa Samartino Atelier

Hey there!

This blog entry has been a looong time in the making! I got both the lovely tea jackets you see pictured here last year!

And in case you're wondering, it was totally coincidental that both me and Rhea decided to wear our jackets that day!

Yeah, I know, that's quite a long shot, but I haven't really got pics with both the items till very recently, and the photographer in me refuses to use other people's pictures!

I've had Lisa Samartino Atelier in my favorites for a long time, since before the name change, when it was Robin's Egg Pink, and I had been in love with her tea jackets for both little girls and women since I first stumbled upon her shop!

I got myself a really nice spring jacket in the middle of winter, so that's one of the reasons why I didn't have pics to show it off: not the best weather for it! And after getting it, I knew I needed to get one for Rhea, Gaurav's elder niece. She's 4, gorgeous and has a knack for fashion and knowing what's the appropiate outfit for every occasion!

The jackets are made of fun designers fabric, unlined, so they are perfect for warm spring days, cooler summer days, and those still warm days of early autumn. I wish I could have got one for lil Anya too, but she has stopped offering them in girl's sizes, though she had the pattern for sale for those crafty ladies out there.

The best thing of these jackets is that you can wear them to add a nice & fancy touch to just jeans and a tank, and to add a touch of colour & fun to a more serious black and formal outfit.

She will start offering the ladies sizes this month in her Etsy shop, with new fun fabrics and in small, medium and large sizes. You can even send her a convo via Etsy with "fall" in the subject line and she will let you know when they're available and even will get you a discount code for being an early bird!

I can't wait to see what new fabrics she's gonna have, and I'll probably will be getting myself another jacket, as well as have them in mind for presents for both my sis-in-law and Gaurav's sisters!

Stay tuned for more blog entries this week!


  1. i agree Rhea probably has the best fashion sense in our entire family.....! The pics of both of you are so cute - What about the rest sweets?

  2. Rhea.. same name as me!! Except I had one more 'e' added. hee hee.

    I wouldn't be able to carry off a jacket like that. But I think it suit both you and Rhea perfectly!



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