Friday, September 4, 2009

Giveaway Winning: 4!!

Friday's here! Though I work the weekend, so it really doesn't mean the same to me than to the rest of the people... but at least I've been a good girl and I've edited pics and I'm now working on a blog entry, unlike yesterday, when I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping (yes, I had to work that night, but still, I think I overdid the lazy).

Today's entry is about giveaways, yes, and more exactly about the 4 ones that I've been so lucky to win!!

I have entered many many giveaways since I discovered what they were, but this summer seems to have been my lucky time, cause I won one in July and 3!! in August!

The first giveaway I ever won was done by the lovely Krissy from Absidy Jewellry, and I won this gorgeous set of Butterfly pendant and earrings!:

Second giveaway was done by JPATpurses, and she was giving away one of her gadget purses that she has already discontinued selling, so it is even more unique! I'm thinking of using it as case for my point & shoot camera, cause I can hook it to my DSLR camera bag!:

Third giveaway was done by Janna from Teachermom, and though in her Etsy shop she offers all sorts of baby items, she was giving away a lovely bag! This one I intend to give as a present to a friend of mine, cause I know the fabric style and colours are totally up her alley!:

And fourth (and hopefully not last), I won a giveaway that miss Lex from Smarmyclothes did to promote her new addition to her shop: SmarmyLox FairyTails! And I won a pair of custom made ones that I still have to decide and pick, cause there are sooo many options!! Aren't they the custest thing?

And with this I leave you all till, hopefully tomorrow, or at the very least Sunday, with the extra 5 weeks Sundays Shots!


  1. Congrats on winning all that awesome stuff!! Lucky girl!! Here's to many more! :)

  2. Thank you Heather, I really had a lucky summer!!

  3. Come over here and rub some of that good luck on me!

  4. Oh thank you for the lovely feature write up on your winnings! Glad you are pleased with your new gadget case from my shop :)

  5. Hi Phili
    Thankyou for your comment, yes the show was a heap of fun :)
    You are SO lucky to win all those lovely give aways! I especially like the bag. I won a giveaway...but it never got sent to me :(
    Youve convinced me that i have to start entering more giveaways.


  6. Yeah Rose, entering giveaways is not that big a waste of time as I might have thought at first... I'm so stoked I won! And all the stuff won arrived here, and very soon!!

  7. Glad you liked it! The stars were alligned for you. Love it!!!


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