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Mark This Book Monday: Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi!

And as promised, here I am with another book review for this Monday's second Mark This Book Monday!

Next up is the second book on a trilogy about Juliette, a girl with great powers that has been shunned from human contact all her life, since her touch is lethal. If you haven't read book one, Shatter Me, I highly recommend it to you, and here is my review of book two:

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi.

Four very well deserved stars for this continuation of Juliette's story.

Once again, Tahereh Mafi has managed to hook me up with her unique writing style and her way to ravel and unravel emotions and plots, and I've finished another book about Juliette's story in a day.

The story picks up on where Shatter Me left us, with Juliette at Omega Point and trying to get used to being surrounded by people. The first few chapters of the book are also parallel to Destroy Me, the novella told from Warner's POV, or so it seemed to me. The story progresses a lot in this second book, and it never gave me a filling of being just a filler or bridge book, it had so much going on and added so much to the story!

Juliette still struggles a lot to accept herself and to relate to others. She still thinks of herself as a monster and shies away from others scared of hurting them or being hurt by their fear and rejection of the monster they'd surely see in her. Castle, the leader of Omega Point expected Juliette to settle more easily and to make efforts to join in, but he couldn't figure out how hard that'd be for someone that has been through what Juliette was. Put her ability, her awful past and a year of full isolation together with the angst and hormones of a teenager, and I'm surprised Juliette still has any sanity left at all!

The state of the world is a mess, the common people are starting to revolt, the Supreme commander has decided to teach both the rebels and Warner a lesson, and in this book we learn how much more twisted and horrible he is, and we've also given quite a few shocking revelations, that make the already messy emotional shitstorm that is Adam + Juliette + Warner a bigger and more complicated one!

For those against love triangles... well, it all gets messier and more "triangly" in this book, and to my very own surprise, it didn't put me off the story at all. All the emotional mess simply made me understand all three of them better, and even relate to all three of them. Warner is not just the horrible villian he began as in Shatter Me, and I've come to understand him and not hate as Juliette has.

There are fights, both emotional and physical, and Juliette learns how to kick arse and how to try and accept that others might not see her as a monster, and that if she lets them come closer, she can begin to feel wholly human again.

The book ends not in a proper proper cliffhanger, but it does leave you aching for more, for a bigger fight and for Juliette to finally come on her own, and own who she is. And frankly, to see what all Adam and Warner are gonna do, cause I'm not sure who I'm rooting for anymore!

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  1. The love triangle actually frustrated me quite a bit, but I still really loved this book overall. I agree that Mafi has a very unique writing style. I can't wait to see what she writes after this series and whether or not it will be in the same style. :)

    Lovely review as always!


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