Monday, June 17, 2013

Mark This Book Monday: ARC of Ink by Amanda Sun!!

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Second entry for Mark This Book Monday! I was lucky enough to get myself a borrowed lappy, so I can still blog while the bf is at work!

So here goes, my second review for the day!

Ink by Amanda Sun

I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from NetGalley for a review cause I was very intrigued about it since the moment I read the synopsis.

The premise of this book is extremely original and what really draw me to read the book, and also what kept me going when some parts of the story weren't as engaging.

Katie moves to Japan after the devastating loss of her mother, dealing with her grief and anger and confusion of losing the only parent she had, and to top it all she has to go and adapt to a new culture and learn a new language when more change is the least thing she wants.

The way we learn about Japanese culture and how Katie tries to adapt and try to deal with her loss flows through the book fairly well, but I wasn't very keen on the way Katie and Tomo are thrown in together, how Katie simply seems to get obsessed with following Tomo everywhere trying to figure out his mistery when she can barely try and make an effort to be social otherwise. Once they connect over shared knowledge of loss, their relationship seems more credible to me and despite the teenage angst it didn't pull me off the story anymore.

It seems that the Kami storline is revealed too scantly and then we're given quite some action out of it, but barely any solid information about what the Kami really are, and even less about why the Ink would have any ties with Katie or why she would have some effect on the Ink. The world building for the Kami seemed insuficient to me and simply seemed like a small introduction, like this book was more like a glimpse of a setting than a proper first act.

The Japanese culture and the mystery of the Kami are the biggest reasons to read this book, and I'm hoping both will continue developing and the angsty teenage relationship between Katie and Tomo will progress in the next books and will be a little less annoying and a little less stereotypical.

I give this first instance of the Paper Gods series 3 stars.

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