Monday, February 7, 2011

Not exactly handmade, but crafty indeed: T-Shirt Sites!!

Hey everyone!

Today I just want to share something that is not exactly handmade, but do involve independent artists and crafters, t-shirt websites!

Most of you probably know about Threadless, and also about some great designers that turn those tees into tops and hoodies. But I want to introduce you lot to a few more sites, like Red Bubble (artists submit their designs and can be printed in t-shirts, and also sold as prints) and there are also places with a limited time edition tees for cheap, designs submitted by independent artists, like Teefury, Ript Apparel and Qwertee, to name a few!

You might be wondering why do I like these places so much? Not only cause it's a way of supporting independent artists, but also cause it's the best way to find cool t-shirts for geeky ladies like me! Many Star Wars tees, Doctor Who tees even True Blood ones!

Here you can see a pair of examples of tees I own!


  1. I'll have to check those out! You are so darn cute :)

  2. Those are very fun! I will definitely have to take a look! :)

  3. i have tons of tees from TF and Ript! there's a few others you should check out - and woot is a daily shirt, and DBH adds a new one daily and sells it until it sells out.


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