Monday, September 6, 2010

Alliebeans Smellies!

Happy Monday everyone!

How's the beginning of the week going? I'm now having a pair of days off, after working night shift during the weekend.

Last week I had a wonderful mail week, with loads of nice parcels arriving, and of those parcels was from the lovely Allie from Allibeans!

She's just added a ton of new and super cute goodies to her shop, after it had been a bit bare during the summer, cause she had been busy with craft shows, and as soon as I saw her lovely lavender bags, "Smellies", with my favourite fabric, Yoga Cats, I knew I had to get me some, so I got me two!

They have the Yoga Cats fabric on one side, and another lovely fabric as the back, I got me a lovely green leaves and a raspberry flowers ones! They smell wonderfully of lavender, so soothing and not the overpowering headache inducing lavender scent, but the natural one, since they're filled with dried lavender seeds!

These sachets are the perfect size to have them anywhere, under your pillow, in the car, inside your linens drawers or as I did, inside the drawers where you keep your underwear! Now all my undies smell amazingly of lavender!

Along with my "Smellies", I also got myself a super cute Sneezy pouch, with a super cute "Alice in Wonderland" that I can't help but show off too! ;)

What can I say, Allie's shop is totally filled with cuteness!!


  1. all lovely purchases! that yoga cat fabric is so cute!

  2. i heart yoga cat! all your fabric choices are simply adorable.

  3. Thanks Pili!!! What a sweet review of my smellies! Great photos- I love seeing the pouches in their new home!!!
    Thanks again :)


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