Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wearing Hanmade Wednesday: Toriska Bags!!

Well, now that was a longer break than I was even expecting! I haven't blogged since last year, and we're on February already!
I had to switch from Chrome to IE cause my Chrome has been superbly annoying and kept on freezing on me, and then I had another trip to Delhi, so it was clearly a lot of circumstance involved on how lazy I've been about the blog, but the motivation has been low too.
Now I'm back from my trip, and today has been recovery day and unpacking day, thankfully I decided to have a day off inbetween my landing and my first day back at work. Which was a great idea, cause I landed so tired! Going back to work today and hoping it won't be horribly busy!
I decided to go back to blogging today itself, and try this time to stay motivated and blog more often, and not disappear for months on end again! So here is this week's Wearing Handmade Wednesday!
I was looking for some nice clutches with an ethnic look that would match my Desi (hindi for Indian) clothes, both sarees and salwar kameez (also know as suits or kurta pajamas, aka tunic top and legging-like pants) and I stumbled into this amazing shop called Toriska Bags in Etsy!
I found the perfect red ethnic clutch I was looking for, and Tori, the owner of Toriska was very nice during the whole transaction, and once I took a good look at her shop, I knew I'd get more clutches from her, which was promptly reinforced as I got my clutch in the mail, really amazing! And so, my collection has grown, and I'm now the proud owner of three Toriska bags!


Here you can see me wearing a suit for the wedding of a neighbor of the society where G lives and you can see how amazing my Toriska bag looks with it!

And here you can see me wearing a saree for the wedding of one of G's cousins and with my gold & black matching & contrasting Toriska bag!


  1. Jo, ¡Qué guay! Preciosos y preciosa. Hija ¡qué bien te sienta el amor! ;)

  2. Those clothes look so beautiful and also comfortable. And the saris suit you perfectly.

  3. I had to look in the shop. They're lovely, and I agree, perfect. Your saris are so wonderful too.

  4. Gorgeous clutch! The sarees are so beautiful. I love the different colors and trimming.

  5. You look great on saris and the bags! The bags are perfect to match saris!


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