Friday, January 21, 2011

Sandygrafik: Sandra Vargas's Art & Goodies!!

Aaah, Friday! Today I'm enjoying the day off, even if I have to work the weekend. Errands, some shopping and something in the mail, always a good start of the day!

If you remember a previous post about my Haut Totes' bag, I went for a Sandra Vargas design, and I obviously had to check Sandra's own Etsy shop: Sandygrafik. I'm absolutely in love with her Wizard of Oz designs (particularly her Elphaba, cause after reading Wicked, I'm quite a fan of the Wicked Witch) and with her Alice in Wonderland series, all females in her view and all gorgeous, my favourite has to be the Lady Hatter, her version of the Mad Hatter, though her Queen of Hearts is fantastic too!

For my first purchase from her shop (cause I do intend to go back for more) I went for her Alice in Wonderland set of bookmarks, since a bookworm like myself can never have too many bookmarks, and her diecut vinyl stickers with the Lady Hatter & Elphaba and her choice of other two.

When I got my order, Sandra had also included a wonderful postcard of her Lady Cupcake design. I love how vibrant the colours are in her pieces, and what a lovely attention to details all her characters have! I got two Elphaba's stickers, and I'm planning to use one for my suitcase and the other for my car.

I love the tassels the bookmarks have, cause sometimes bookmarks can get lost in big books, but not with a tassel clearly hanging from the book!

For my next order, I'm thinking of a set of the Alice postcards and probably either postcard or print of her Little Prince illustration, I've always had a soft spot for the Little Prince!


  1. Those are amazing. The artwork is beautiful.

  2. i love her artwork! i haven't gotten around to purchasing yet, but i definitely will! great picks from her shop!!! =)

  3. those are beautiful! ove her style!

  4. These illustrations are FANTASTIC! I must go check out her shop...You find the best stuff, Pili!

  5. Wow, I love it! I hearted her shop. :)


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